Her Name was July

July #world Watercolor month, debiriley.com

ancient Queen of Summer

robed red against the cobalt sky

July, all languid and full of summer…….



July #world Watercolor month, debiriley.com
Her Name was July




and as,  all her days

began to frolic

throughout the month

so lovely and softly warm –

the Queen of Summer reigns.





o ancient Queen

benevolent July




Queen of Summer,

untamed tresses of gilded locks

that glitter

with the setting sun



summer’s glory

in every strand.



her name was July








Watercolor Painting Process

This is a watercolor/mixed media piece.  The underlying foundation began as watercolor wet in wet.

And then,  the evolutionary process took over.

It, dictated to me,  what  it would be.

and….. Her name was July!



  • applied molding paste texture onto watercolor Arches CP paper
  • dried overnight
  • applied watercolor washes of pale skin tone, pink and blue wet in wet
  • let dry thoroughly
  • applied light touches of acrylic paints to emphasize the design
  • let dry
  • applied  22k gold leaf on face,  brows, lips, etc





My Inspirations for this art piece are 3 fold:


  1.     July is now,  the official World Watercolor Month

2.     I’ve always loved the month of July, growing up in the Pacific NW it was …Summer!      I lived for those lovely mild,  warm days, all 31 of them.

3.    My planned  July trip over there was cancelled, so I am ‘improvising.’   I’m envisioning myself there!






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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at society6.com/debiriley and, redbubble.com/people/debijriley/shop

23 thoughts on “Her Name was July

  1. Happy July 1st (for you still 30th here :-)) Sorry you’re not visiting this month but looking forward to your daily watercolours. I think I’ll join in 🙂

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  2. I love July! you amaze me, I got excited when I saw this wonderful piece…..I do love portraits but you took it a step beyond and elevated portraiture….I know that you like to be different and take the upper, untraveled road. Man, I am tired today, I am trying to convey what the heck I mean….I hope that you are getting my meaning….you knocked it out of the park! BAM! I love this, kind of reminds me of whatshisname….you know, the artist who used a lot of gold in his portraits of ladies, kind of dreamy like your July. Anyway, awesome!

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    1. Klimt or Odilon? …. thank you M! I adore July 🙂
      you BEAT too? I’m knackered. ie bedrest…for 2 days. I’m doing a 2 weekend Pastel workshop series, july 9 and 16. need to prep for. goodie.
      Thank Goodness, for Your enthusiasm on this! wasn’t sure how, it was going to fly. If YOU Like it, I’m happy!!!!!

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  3. very nice painting and words, dear Debi. Your painting reminds me a bit of Gustav Klimt because it is a bit art-nouveauish (if that word exists?) which I like a lot. Have a nice day, virtual hugs Mitza


  4. July is usually better than rainy June, but we’re starting out with a sprinkly July 1st – nice and fresh, ready for sunny days. Nice poetry. Your Queen has that “old time royalty” look.

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  5. Thank you, Debi! Always so inspiring to see your work and to learn how you created it. Thanks for leaving those breadcrumbs for the rest of us to find. (And yes, they are gluten free, so even I get to grab ’em!) I hope you are feeling better soon! Sending prayers and Light your way. ❤

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    1. that, was funny!! GF.. lol (not tooo hard tho)
      Thank YOU! its just bit of bronchitis, will clear up. feeling Better with all that Laura Light my way 🙂

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  6. I wish I could paint. I always dream of doing it, but I guess I was’nt born with a paintbrush in my mouth.

    Yours Painting are so Beautiful.

    July is my Fav month too.

    Love Cattie

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the image and post; and that is a lovely comment thank you Cattie! to tell you the truth… I didn’t pick up my brush til I was over 30 years old. And, then with a lot of ‘flack’ from family and friends too!!
      But, I believe. That if you want to paint, you can…start! just little steps, maybe. But thats how I first, started too. cheers, Debi 🙂


      1. boy, I really do understand! learning art (anything) is painful!! I remember just How many times, I fell off when I was learning to ride my horse… ouch! and so embarrassing. LOL
        and learning, to paint so late. that is a whole other story!


      2. It happened in Swimming Class with me. One day in the initial training , my trainer swam to gossip with some other friends and I somehow reached the middle of the pool and started drowning. I gasped with fear and with the water going into mu eyes and nose, I could not shout for help and got ready to die drowning. Thankfully Lord Jesus, turned someone’s attention to me and I got saved.
        LOL. Now I dare not enter the pool.

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