So Incredibly gorgeous, these ‘Faces of June.’   I’m sorry to see them go.

What a Lovely month it was!

sunset painting, in June, ink duochrome, debi riley creative art techniques
The Sun Sets, for June. Ink duochrome,


Walk with me for a short stroll,  past my favorite  June faces.





June’s   Top 3  Posts

June’s  Top 3 posts  that tug most on my heartstrings are those that evoke the most  Feeling.


Those Faces that have revealed the most unique, authentic character pull me in.

Through the  visual imagery – yes.



But also the  words,  the verse that accompanies the image.




Number 1


Own The Sky,

with  an unforgettable verse by     I fell in love with the spectacular soaring and inspiring message Ms. Moem shares with us, revealed in her stunning word choice.



Number 2


Why Does The Rose Cry, Mommy?   is another that wraps itself right around my heart.




Number 3


Ink Stained Face of Watercolor, Midnight – the verse is deep and strange and compelling;  it reveals yet another face… of the Day, of watercolors, of self.




abstract oil painting, sunflower yellow and prussian blue paint, debi riley art
Own The Sky


Raindrops on roses, rose photograph, debi riley paintings
The Rose Cries


painting midnight in watercolors, indigo paint, debi riley art techniques,
Ink Stained Face, Midnight






Those were My favorites, and why……

Share with me, what your favorites  for the month of June were!


sunset painting red and black inks,, creative ink techniques
June Ends, Ink painting,





June ends,   but  July  begins!


July…. the Official,  “World Watercolor Month.”


I’m going to watercolor,  doodlewash, ink and wash up a storm this month and donate to the Children’s Art programs – so they can create Art too !!

Lets all pitch in to help out.    Check out Charlie’s   World Watercolor Month for more details.