I’m all inked up.

Ready for the forest mists!

inks, forest mists drawing, debiriley.com
Inked, Forest Mists


Why Ink?

Judith at artistcoveries.wordpress.com   suggested I join in for some Ink creations today.

I don’t think there was a Theme or Topic… so I invented my own.


Which Ink?

With a wide assortment of ink colors in the studio (black, blue, white, purple, brown, green)  I decided to go with a warm burnt sienna brown ink.   I just didn’t feel much like black. Or blue, or green.




My first  splash, dribbled everywhere.

But did make some fun patterns.


ink splashes in brown, abstract ink blots, debiriley.com
Ink Splashes

Then I reread the verse I’d written about Forests….  in yesterday’s post Cobalt Teal Glacial River.

And thought for a little while.




How to Ink?


  • Using the same brown ink, but dampening the paper first this time.
  • I applied the ink with a skewer, lengthwise.
  • I thought this made excellent shapes for the gigantic towering fir tree trunks.
  • Making them look like the skyscraper tall sizes they were.
  • The tip of the skewer, was used to create boughs and branches.



ink drawing in brown, forest and cliff in mist, debiriley.com
Forest and Cliff Face in Mist


Results and Purposes 

I found these ink creations to be:



Fun. Playful.  Loose. Free.


And, bonus –   they tied in wonderfully to the Forest post and painting I had just finished!




Inks really can be super creative, used in many different ways.

Not just, for ‘drawing.’


For fun,  try spritzing a fine spray of water on the paper…. then use a toothbrush to splash inks on.

Watch the inks dissolve and melt into the dampened areas.

Grab a new color of ink and flick more on.

Have fun!