Glacial River, Stained Cobalt Teal

Ohanapecosh River abstract painting, teal glacier water, debi riley watercolor art

Ohanapecosh River, a river rich with minerals flowing. Staining it, Coloring it.  A cool Cobalt Teal Blue. Water like ice, pure and bright.

“How do I know that?”

Been there, so many times.   Will you join me again?……


Ohanapecosh River abstract painting, teal glacier water, debi riley watercolor art
Ohanapecosh River, teal glacier waters,


Abstract River Painting – Cobalt Teal

I’ve walked along the paths. Hiked the slippery moss covered rocks upstream. Dangled my toes into the slushy ice waters and squealed.    I was younger.  I might do again, if I was there!


I love…….  painting from where I have been.

From the depths of my soul.  My memories surface.

This, gives Life and Spark and Breath to my art.

And for me,  will always trump the cold hard precision of ‘exact perfection.’



For even if… the painting itself is imperfect (ie Wabi Sabi);

The Breath breathed into the painting reflects back.

I feel then, the life beating within.  Heart and soul.

And, that remains –  one of my  most important painting goals.




The River

Ohanapecosh!     Oh – hannah- p’cosh.

That’s how we say it.

Its fun. Try it!


This is a tributary of the very large Cowlitz River in Lewis county, Washington state.

The Cowlitz, is itself a major tributary to the  massive river system, the Columbia River.

Ohanapecosh River lies on the southeast side of Mount Rainier,  in a deeply forested, untamed National Park.



Right in the epicenter of where I grew up, hiking, fishing, exploring the mountain’s mysteries.

Lewis County, Washington.






Can  You  Feel  It !?


a land of  a thousand greens

of ferns that dwarf a man

of bones and time

and mist and moss

a land of plunging falls

echoing down a thousand feet


magic haunts these forests

mysteries lay beneath the waters deep

where mastery is an illusion


and greens

reign supreme


a land of giants

and moss, mists and greens





I know,  this land.








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43 thoughts on “Glacial River, Stained Cobalt Teal

  1. beautiful! and wistful, kind of touched me because of my love for the woods, the river and nature. Love your poem, I am telling you…you are “the quiet bubbling spring in a zen forest” this proves it yet again! 🙂

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    1. what a lovely description….
      I’m really, really pleased that you enjoyed the verse I wrote for this painting. I like the art, but I think I like the verse even more, somehow. 🙂 debi-zen

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    1. CTB nearly leapt out into my hands!! it was ‘desperate’ I tell you, Mitza, telling me it was ‘so lonely!’ LOL well, here it is once again. (really, its just a little show pony)
      so, Thank you so much Mitza for a lovely comment! deeply appreciated, as Always. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. Wow, Debi. Yes, I can Feel It! Thank you. Boy, heart and soul and tons of memories all embedded in your lovely painting and verse, with magical CBT ….. Just beautiful. I would like to ask the size and what medium(s) you included, if you don’t mind sharing. This is really something. When I get “there”, if I ever do, I’d like to produce work that sings and whispers the way this does. I see this on a wall with that lovely verse in script beside it. Thanks, 3d. Thank you Indeed. 💜

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    1. Sharing the information is why I am here 🙂
      and a big thank you! ((LL)) its watercolor. on a sealed, gessoed masonite board. coated with impasto medium – let dry. then drip, pour, apply the paints…. in a Limited Palette.
      I Love using both Molding paste and Impasto medium with Watercolor!!
      I might do a reblog of 2-3 older posts of them. maybe…

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      1. the underlying surface was masonite board with impasto medium slathered on to texturize… then I let it dry, before applying my wc paints. Impasto is normally for acrylics, I know, but, I have so much fun ‘experimenting’ and this has been a Fun and fav. technique for quite a while now 🙂
        cheers, Debi

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    1. many thanks Andrew. It is.
      I find that each summer I do miss the Pac NW, esp. living in Perth now. I do not, miss the 300 days of rain! LOL Mainly, when July rolls around…..

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