Sometimes we need to look at the world around just as the children do.

With all expectancy and filled with the never ending curiosity and those ceaseless questions of “Why?”

Raindrops on roses, rose photograph, debi riley paintings
The Rose Cries



After The Rains


When my two were little more than toddlers, I began taking them outdoors for short nature walks.

Just around the house or gardens. Looking for squirrels, rabbits, deer, butterflies, flowers in bloom. Yes, worms…. when the pickings were slim!



One day after a solid week of rain, the sun showed its face in the afternoon.

I bundled the two up, slapped their boots on and out we went.  Quickly.



There along the fence,  our lovely climbing roses looked just a bit weather bedraggled. Rain drops were dripping down the petals.

The older one piped up and asked,  “Why does the rose cry, Mommy?”      



For a moment, I was speechless.

What do you say to a 3 year old?!   I explained though  it did look a lot like the rose was crying,  really it was the rain that made it wet. It seemed to satisfy her at the time.

Perhaps I could have said, It was crying for sheer gladness the Sun was peeking out. But, no I stuck to reality.




However,   her words have never left me.  And always right after a rain and I see a rain wet, dripping rose, those words return to my mind.


I wonder …. about the tears of a rose, and “Why does the rose cry, Mommy?”


the rose is crying, rose photograph,
Mommy, The Rose is crying….





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