Midnight:  The 4th Face.

Watercolor Abstract paintings – “Times of the Day”  is my theme.

This,  is a conclusion to  “Midnight, The Ink Stained Face of Watercolor.”


Midnight in Watercolor abstract painting, tree in bloom, debiriley.com
4th Face of Day,    Midnight; Part II


Midnight Watercolors

Creating in watercolors, the  feeling of a black inky depth of twilight.

The chilling vast depth of indigo space.




Tips for my Watercolor Painting


  • its all about Contrast, a strong dark needs a strong light
  • toothbrush splatter for the fine spray is handy
  • wooden skewer was used for the ‘line -work’
  • the tree shape was placed just Off center
  • a high ratio of white was used vs the permanent rose
  • I actually did several at a time, this, is my Normal way to work
  • this approach, lessens by about ….. 90%  the dreaded  fiddling
  • I kept the whole thing – Fun     (it is Silly Saturday!)




are covered in Midnight, Part I  




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