Peaceful Sunday Moments with a Flower

bird of paradise flower, macro photograph,

Sunday Moments.

Filled with happiness, warmth, joy, and peace.

Isn’t that delightful?   Sounds like it to me.

bird of paradise photograph, debi riley art,
Sunday Moments, Bird of Paradise


Sunday Moments with a Flower

These gorgeous bird of paradise flowers, with their petals of sunrise  – beckoned me. To come out to play. Out to the patio garden.


Luring me.

With promises of zen.   I declined.

Its too cold out there. Winter, you know.  Brrrrr.

And, hey!  I haven’t even had my coffee yet!   Come on now.

Still.  They waved to me.

Bright. Eager.   Demanding I just get up and take their portraits.



Uhhh. Fine. I sigh.

Slugging down part of my cup of coffee in one go, without savoring.  That just defeats the purpose! Coffee, is meant to be savored.  Not inhaled.

Still in my jammies, I high tail it out to the sprightly flowers.  Looking so smug, now they’ve gotten their own way, I suppose.

But I’m sure I’m just putting words into their mouths.  Or maybe hearing things.  Well, lets not go there. This morning. Without coffee.




Zooming in.

I find a plethora of pretty finds.

So “Precioussss”…..  thank you, my  dear Friend for that word again!!


wabi sabi, macro strelitzia, bird of paradise photograph, debi riley art
Wabi Sabi Petals, on a Sunday Morning,


Wabi Sabi  –  Zen


Ugly speckled, besmirched petals……  Imperfect. Flawed.


Yet,  with the morning light filtering in behind and a lovely soft blurring on the side.

Snap!   I like it!   There is something very Wabi Sabi about this image. Wabi Sabi and I are fast friends.

The beauty of the ordinary, daily, flawed things around me  – never fails to inspire and encourage me.

That ‘ugly’  splattered, textured, petal…… is just lovely in its own right.




Closer Inspection of Paradise

I look again.

I stick my nose closer.


The bit of blue paradise, shimmers.  The sharp anchor like shape in glorious blue and purples stares me right in the eye.



bird of paradise flower, macro photograph,
Blue Paradise, Macro Photograph


Hello!  Apparently, it too needs  a  Selfie.

I’ll be a sport and assist.

Sure why not?!  Its still freezing out here in my jammies, and my caffeine withdrawal headache has kicked in like a jackhammer.  It can wait….. I guess.





Fingers as blue as the pretty stamen,  my Mission is now accomplished.   And with a pat on the back, now I’m inside and warm.


I did manage to take some other intriguing shots of my garden flower, Bird of Paradise that I’ll share later…. but right now,  I really thinks its time to savor my coffee.


In Peace, on a Sunday morning.  






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41 thoughts on “Peaceful Sunday Moments with a Flower

    1. hi Jane, and thank you for your comment! Much Appreciated.
      I’m happy that you enjoyed this Sunday post 🙂 cheers, Debi


  1. Debi, I may enjoy the written part of this even more than your images! And I bet your definition of freezing would be wonderful to me (like 60 degrees F, something like that? I wonder)….I love that you find the beauty in the speckled leaves and less-than-perfect. I think that’s what our “job” is, as artists. There is so much out there if we open our eyes and see it. Thanks ((((((3d))))))) ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Miss Laura! I truly had such fun, writing this 🙂
      winter is a Good time I think, I can get outside…. and ‘see’ more interesting things! I’m really glad you liked the port writing, ((LL)) 3d

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  2. I’m so jealous of your gorgeous bird of paradise flowers in the winter! There is something wrong here??? Fun post, I can see you out there in your jammies and I agree that the Blue Paradise is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Beth! even though I used my macro lens and should have used a tripod to get better quality…. that wasn’t going to happen! LOL the cool thing about Australia is year round – things Bloom!

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    1. that’s lovely Mitza! yay! and thank you. yes. nature is my place of zen ‘get away’…. I do like winter in Perth, as I can actually go outdoors. love it. 🙂

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      1. That’s why I go to our garden several times a day and it always feels good and zen, too. It slows down your heart, your soul, mind and body to look at the beauties of the creation because it’s all in the golden ratio. 🙂

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  3. `Fingers as blue as the pretty stamen, my Mission is now accomplished. And with a pat on the back, now I’m inside and warm´….

    It was definitely worth it, dear Debbi… and now you are entering summer in your hemisphere and winter is knocking at our doors, here in the South…. I hope you have beautiful warm days soon…
    Love. Aquileana 🌟☀️

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    1. hi Aquileana, thank you!! We live in southern hemisphere also, in Australia… winter here too. But mild, compared to where you live I do believe! I do enjoy winters now, do you?

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      1. I thought you were in USA, my friend… Australia, wow… I´d love to visit your gorgeous country some day, it is must- go for many travel bloggers… Our winter is cold, but not that much and it never snows here in Buenos Aires… I bet we have similar weathers, you and I … Sending love, dear Debi. Aquileana ♥ 🙂

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      2. I lived in the US, but now Australia 🙂 Buenes Aires would have lovely Fall and Spring too, I’m sure. Its on my list of ‘one day’ travel destinations!

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