Art Workshop – Silly Saturday

Gorgeous deep blue and orange abstract watercolor painting from a previously taught  art workshop.

watercolor abstract, blue and orange,  earth from above, debi riley art
Watercolor Abstract, Debi Riley workshop student Amanda’s work


Art Workshop Abstracts


This sample of a student’s work from the workshop, was quite exciting.

A bold blue and orange painting with a wonderful fun and experimental quality to it.  The student used Yupo paper with prussian blue, white, permanent rose and winsor lemon.



Design  Summary


  1.   The tonal values were lovely with a full range of light, mid and darks.

2.   The Warm  balanced the Cool,  yet…. the Cool (Blue)  remained the Controller. The master, Dominant temperature.

3.   There was a clear, evident focal point. Our eyes wander on up to the left to the swirl there.    Which is in the appropriate location for a focal point.

4.   Not much action, detail, contrast, ‘frou frou’ is happening along the borders.  She kept the energy, the action, details  heading inwards.  Towards the Focal Point.




I love these types of courses:

  • Loose and Free
  • Expressive
  • Inner Artist comes out
  • Experimental
  • Zen
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Inspiring



I don’t know who gets more enthused from these workshops…. the students, or myself!






  1. Wow – please tell Amanda I am totally SWOONING over her amazing abstract watercolor! Oh how dreamy and lovely and emotional and PERFECT! Thanks for sharing Debi!

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  2. That is fantastic, Debi! The colors and the the dynamic are awesome and it just makes me feel happy. Here in Germany we are forced to study all shades of gray the last weeks because of the weather – this great piece of your student brings some sunny feelings!

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  3. What a beautiful and refreshing painting! I love the movement and energy about it. It’s like a wonderful breath of fresh air. Please tell Amanda how much I enjoyed her art.

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  4. This is drop-dead gorgeous, Debi! I agree with Jodi totally. Please tell Amanda thank you. And thanks as always for another wonderful lesson and a perfect illustration of what we were talking about just the other day. Bless you, my kind, gracious and oh, so talented teacher & friend! ❤ ((((((3d)))))))

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  5. Congratulations to you and your student Amanda. Love the freedom and abstraction. Thanks for a great start to the weekend. As you can see I have been catching up today. Have a great weekend (which of course I realize is half way over for you) Warm wishes…A

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    • yes, it does look a bit like that… I thought so too! Glad you enjoyed the post and Amanda’s workshop adventures!
      thank you for your comment, 🙂 cheers, Debi


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