Gorgeous deep blue and orange abstract watercolor painting from a previously taught  art workshop.

watercolor abstract, blue and orange,  earth from above, debi riley art
Watercolor Abstract, Debi Riley workshop student Amanda’s work


Art Workshop Abstracts


This sample of a student’s work from the workshop, was quite exciting.

A bold blue and orange painting with a wonderful fun and experimental quality to it.  The student used Yupo paper with prussian blue, white, permanent rose and winsor lemon.



Design  Summary


  1.   The tonal values were lovely with a full range of light, mid and darks.

2.   The Warm  balanced the Cool,  yet…. the Cool (Blue)  remained the Controller. The master, Dominant temperature.

3.   There was a clear, evident focal point. Our eyes wander on up to the left to the swirl there.    Which is in the appropriate location for a focal point.

4.   Not much action, detail, contrast, ‘frou frou’ is happening along the borders.  She kept the energy, the action, details  heading inwards.  Towards the Focal Point.




I love these types of courses:

  • Loose and Free
  • Expressive
  • Inner Artist comes out
  • Experimental
  • Zen
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Inspiring



I don’t know who gets more enthused from these workshops…. the students, or myself!