3 Faces of the Day.  Morning, Noon and Twilight.

These Watercolor flowers painted with morning, noon and night light – create such lovely and varied moods.

They each have their own inflections.


dawn light, watercolor flower, debi riley art
Dawn flower watercolor, debiriley.com


The Light of Day



Good Morning  (cool) Light.


Early  Dawn flowers    in mulberry, lilac and pearl white.

How different,  things appear in the early morning to us.

Cool light, combined with just a pinch of blurry eyes…. creates a wonderful wakeup call.




watercolor flowers in purples and reds, debi riley watercolor art
Flower at Midday, watercolors debiriley.com



The bright of day.

The flower’s contrasts are quite abrupt; the crimson, rose and plum colors abut the highlights with a sharper force than mornings or late afternoons.


Mid day  Light, is sharp, bold. And somewhat harsh.

Nearly, an unrelenting kind of light.







night flowers, watercolor painting, debi riley art techniques watercolor
Night Falls, Flowers, debiriley.com



Night falls and the background disintegrates into dark mushroom grey.

The flash of the camera catches the butter yellow petals,  but left so much looking very flat. I decided to work with that look, and not fight it.

It was what it was.





Watercolor,  3 faces of the Day –   A quick snapshot of how we see things at different times of the day.





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