Less is More, Limited Palette (Oils)

Taking stock and reassessing.

Slogging up the path  to the top of the knoll to have a good look around.



contemporary minimalist oil landscape, limited palette, less is more, debi riley art
From The Hill, Oil Landscape, debiriley.com



From The Hill,

I’ll make some new discoveries and pare back to the core basics.

To what is important.

To the bare bones of what is needed to get the job done effectively.





Discoveries I’ve Made


Discovering that less is more.

…..this discovery takes time to sink in.



And its only after many, many  trips up the mountain overloaded with superfluous ‘stuff’  equipment and gear. Long after the exhaustion sets in.

The realisation sinks in.


All this “stuff” is  just plain tiresome.

I don’t need all those things that I thought I did.


I really only,  need,  The Basics.




Limited Palette

By limiting my palette to 3 colors,  I lighten my load.

Perhaps I’m even eager to go   CLIMB  the mountain again.


You know, Climbing 2 is hard work.





Less equipment. Less burden. Less overwhelmed.   Less frustration.

wow.   That sounds really good to me!



Materials – 

I’ve used 3 oil paint colors:

White, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt.

And,  then for a dash of texture and added depth – I whacked on a bit of  soft charcoal.



A limited palette of 3 colors liberates me.


minimalist oil landscape, less is more, debi riley art and painting tips
Minimalist Oil Landscape, debiriley.com





  1. How beautiful all your paintings (posts), I wasn’t on pc and I watched and read them as pages of an art book… it was amazing. Thank you dear Debi, have a nice day, Love, nia

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  2. Great post, interesting use of charcoal, I often use under oil paint, but never on top, might give that a try, did you wait for it to dry, or use the charcoal when the oil was wet? I guess it would need to be fixed at some point….could be an interesting technique for me to try with the horses. Thank you

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  3. Really enjoyed Less is More, Limited Palette. I too think your Art quite wonderful. Thanks also for making me step back and think before I approach a painting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hi Susan, I’m so pleased that you liked the article!! Its great to get feedback from you and the other readers too about how a specific post is going. Thank you, for your comments! 🙂 cheers, Debi


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