Love touches

macro purple iris photograph, meaning of the iris, debi riley art,

Artists serve. Artists serve to bring balance to the community. We keep the peace.

We point towards where we see the light.

We assist in connecting the fragments. The community, these days needs this.


macro purple iris photograph, meaning of the iris, debi riley art,
Macro Iris Love,


Art Touches

We move others. We touch others…..through our art.  The Love crystallized in our art,  in whatever form it takes…. touches others.


To transform in mysterious, deep visceral ways.




Our artist reflections, really are not ‘ours’ alone.

They are meant as smoke signals, if you will;  messages to the broader community.


the artists' world, iris photograph macro, debi riley art
Iris Light shadows


Artists are also scouts.

We see things from afar and we make the long hard journey to go there. Alone.  With only our own faith, courage and wisdom to guide us.

And then we bring you back those ideas,  those dreams, visions we discovered.




In my mind,  that is Love.


Love serves.

Love touches.



Valor and Love, Iris macro photo, debi riley art
Valor and Love Iris,



We Artists do all those things.


Next time someone offhandedly says,  art is not a real job, nor a valid valued part of the community….. remember these things.


We are absolutely just as necessary  to the community as the other professions.

Who else will do what we do?






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23 thoughts on “Love touches

  1. Well said, I just wonder they say ‘ art is not a job’ what do those people have hung on the wall? Or stood around the house…..If anything….and could they do it? It is an underpaid job, with no guaranteed income, criticism daily ( often good comments to your face) time consuming, no accounting for the mistakes that are rejects. Financial hidden costs. Probably many more? They should be thankful we do all this for the love, pleasure, self fulfilling enjoyment and good critiques ….oh and now proven health benefits, mentally and therefore physically we get from art…..oops sorry for the soap box moment, I love your thought provoking blog posts

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    1. GO Rebecca! yes, so much more 🙂 one last thing…. learn to paint and you learn how to solve problems. that is a useful skill to have these days.

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  2. Debi, thank you for putting into words what’s on my mind too. We are the great recyclers. My tap is ON and my art is a channel. As long as I continue to create, I can keep changing bad into good, unrest into peace. Thank you. And keep creating. We need your Light! 💜

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    1. thank you Nancie 🙂 long ago, I read every scripture I could find on creativity, artistry, Inspiration, etc.
      It became quite clear, how important the field of art really is. It was Heartening. 🙂

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