The Iris: Faith, Valor, Wisdom

iris flower macro, purples,

The romantic language of the flower: The Iris.  Time often covers what once was tradition and common knowledge. Ancient wisdoms, now lie forgotten. But, what hidden meanings could the lovely Iris reveal………?

iris flower macro, purples,
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The Iris – A Beautiful Flower


Sharing and Friendship


  1. In ancient Greece, apparently  the goddess Iris was the link between earth and heaven. She served to guide those on their journey from earth to heaven.
  2. The ultimate act of Friendship, sharing and consideration!    I have always thought of the Iris, as a friendship flower.
  3. And I’ve thought it was a warm act of giving and sharing,  to gift someone irises.


digital painting of iris, debi riley art,
ghosted iris, #2,




The Iris’s  3 upright petals symbolise

Faith, Valor and Wisdom.


France is well known for its royal shields and coats of armor featuring the fleur -de- lis….aka the Iris.




Digital Painting Journey


My Journey with the iris began with running to the store to grab some flowers for my Funky Flowers art class.

Finding irises on special, I was happy to make the purchase. After class, I wanted to double my value from them by taking reference photos in various lights.  Plus,  I needed some tripod practice.


Photo #1 is the original shot, untouched by the processing filters, special effects, etc.


The other subsequent images below are the same photo.

But, have been ‘painted on’  ‘drawn on’  with  Filters and Special Effects used – with merry abandon!




The  Editing  Programs  I used were:

Iphoto, Preview, Filters for Photos and  Affinity Photos.   I ran the images back and forth between the lot.


In the spirit of  The Iris  –    I really do think it is wonderful to “Pay It Forward” to be generous,  and to share these kinds of information.


Because,   How will you know, ……. unless someone tells you?!




Monochromatic Theme

I decided to keep these images predominantly or nearly monochromatic.

Thinking it would help with design issues to not get to bogged down with lots of lovely Color, on top of everything else.

This can happen.   To me.


iris digital art painting, greys and lavenders, soft focus, debi riley
ghost iris #3


Experimental Digital Process


Many of you excel at the digital painting  and processing aspects.  I really admire that skill. And the many hours it took to practice to learn the techniques.

With the experimenting,  comes  eventual skill improvement.  As with any thing.


I look at mine, I look at yours.  …..and wish.




Faith,  Valor,   Wisdom


Why am I telling you all this?

To let you know that even after years of practicing art,  even when I know better…. I still  do the same things everyone else is tempted to do too.



However, I have a benefit. I have an advantage. After all these years,  I know the drill. I’ve been down this road, and know I will get better.  In time.



  • I have Faith that I will get better.
  • I am encouraged  (Valor) that this is so.
  • I won’t be so foolish as to say I am Wise and have Wisdom,  but I will say  I try to walk the wiser pathways so I will bet better.


bright purple iris digital art painting, debi riley art
Warm Purple Iris,  #4,





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I hope you enjoyed this digital foray into The Iris:  Faith, Valor and Wisdom!    




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35 thoughts on “The Iris: Faith, Valor, Wisdom

  1. What an article full of life and enthusiasm and delightful art! I’m very glad to accompany you on your “wiser pathways”! Thank you, Debi!

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    1. Thank you…. very much! Very pleased that you enjoyed the article today. Thats Great!
      I definitely can’t call myself wise by any stretch, LOL. But I do like company on these pathways – so thank you for doing so 🙂 cheers, Debi


    1. Hi Mitza, well, Good Morning! and Thank you! the colors – its ‘different’ with the greys, and purples; a change of direction from the oil paints in blue and orange. keeps me on my toes.

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    1. ((((LL)))) a warm thanks my friend!! I thought you might like the deeper more saturated color best 🙂 Its funny how a certain flower has specific thoughts attached. Like Iris = friendship. I hadn’t really thought of that before. I’ve never been one to withhold ‘secret’ recipes…. if the food was good, share it around. YUM! LOL now I am laughing. ttyl 3d

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    1. i hope/try, to walk the wiser pathways. LOL not saying thats what comes out of my mouth!!! hahaha I bet the family may tell you so! anyway….. thank you my friend Charlie!! that is very kind of you! a question, is there a procedure to follow when July Watercolor Month rolls around and I want to do some – posts with wc?

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      1. Just tag them with #WorldWatercolorMonth whenever you post something using watercolor. But the real fun I think will be the World Watercolor Month Facebook group. You can join that and post there as well in July!


    1. thanks Andrew! I could learn a lot from your computer digital editing knowledge, I do know that! Your last post with the gorgeous ink work was really good. One that I will return to, many times. I loved it. BTW, you still up on cloud 9 with your good news? 🙂

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      1. Back on earth today 🙂 It was a great ride. Thanks for all your encouragement always. Digital editing is always a surprise and I learnt so much from just trial and error. My favourite program which I use all the time is Photoshop Elements. Always happy to help any time. 🙂

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    1. good morning Sharon! I really appreciate that, you are one of those with The Skills!! 🙂 I still, can’t figure out darn layers. lol but, I WILL. Thank you (Sharon)

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