I see ….. a sunflower sky.

Own The Sky is next in my series on oil abstract paintings.

It is slightly more reflective. I feel I’ve been more contemplative with this one.  And,  you can tell, I never tire of my bird of paradise color duet.


abstract oil painting, sunflower yellow and prussian blue paint, debi riley art
Own The Sky, Oil Painting, debiriley.com


Oil Abstract Painting


Wings Spread,

the seabirds glide far above the dark rocky outcrops.

Looking as though,  they Own the Sky.




Poem by  Ms.  Moem


I found a poem that is just so lovely.

It sinks right in.

And says so eloquently,  so powerfully all that I wish for….. in my paintings.



“Spread your wings.

Its Time, to fly.

Make the leap.

Own the Sky.”


Ms. Moem



Isn’t this the most delicious writing!?

Poem is   by Ms.  Moem  




So far,  my Oil Abstract series has included:

Abstract Art  a definition

Colors I Love,   cobalt teal blue and orange






What I see,  won’t be what everyone sees in this painting.


In this case, I did mention what I ‘saw’….merely give relevance to the beautiful poem I’d quoted.  Not to unduly sway your views or your ideas of what you would LIKE to see within this painting.


See what you want to see. 

Spread your wings.  fly.


Own The Sky!!