May 31 wraps up the May Art Challenge – The Finale.

“May a Challenge be met and walked beyond.”   Indeed.

oil landscape abstract painting,
Abstract Landscape Oils (hints of soft sage green)


Renewed, Rejuvenated Painting

The color Green.

I associate renewal and regrowth, rejuvenation with this color. Fitting for this Green River painting and so appropriate for this final May Challenge post as well.


I’m a huge fan of sitting down and trying to think how to resolve an older painting. Rather than just ‘tossing it in the bin. I will persist and stick it out.

I most likely store the ‘undecided, unresolved’  image for quite some time.  Until I know precisely,  how to solve its puzzle.

But I will resolve it.  I will finish it.


Some family members might chuckle and under their breath say something like,  “just like a dog with a bone.”   Yes.  That’s true.  I am persistent.

Without a magic wand,  I have to be persistent.  



Alterations To the Painting

This oil abstract painting of a river with sage green has had its shape and its orientation changed dramatically.

I had to think outside the box of regular traditional ways of fixing up an oil painting.  And be imaginative and creative with my ‘fixing ideas.’

(I could have taken this much, much further out into left field, but decided to keep most of the original content intact for this example.)



  • Its now a square vs a rectangle.
  • It now is on laying on its right side, in horizontal not vertical.
  • And,  About 1/3 of the image has been cropped away.
  • Renewed and resolved.      Computers are magic!


Yes.  They (computers) are back in my good books again. We had a little chat about their parts wearing out and backup system malfunctioning.

Its behaving. We are all good now.


river reflections abstract paintings, photographs, debi riley art
River Reflections, Many Views,




31 Days of May – It Was A Challenge


31 Days of creating something from nothing.

Seemingly out of thin air,  some days.


Photographing the images and writing an ‘epistle’ to explain and describe these creations.

Doing this every day, was a lot harder than it looked. A lot more challenging than I thought the ‘challenge’ would be.   A little surprise.



Many house, work and family tasks took a back seat this month.

I don’t mind the household chores being left for the  ‘night fairies’  to get around to.

The other tasks were a little more pressing at times.    When my painting buddies resume the next challenge…. I may not raise my hand quite so high to join them ‘full time’ though.



Speaking of which…. My dear painting buddies

Laura at  has such enthusiasm, such light and joyfulness it is embedded into every art image she creates.

Laura has a joyful way with color.  Have a look! What glorious colors!    And say hello…. she is truly, one of the nicest, people I’ve met.



Margaret at   Well I must say that  Miss Margaret takes me where I long to be – to the crystal clear mountain river.  She makes me ‘feel like I am there with her.’  Its incredibly refreshing.

Beauty is In her pastels, her watercolors, and in those wonderful snapshots she shows us.   And she is super nice, and loves to meet people too!



Zen Greens in King's Park, Perth WA, debi riley abstract art,
Green Jade and  Emerald River



My favourite posts of May

5 Bowls….  this was a challenge. It was graphic, illustrative. It was all hard lines. I don’t ‘do’  hard lines and edges. Its not a normal approach for me. Its out of my comfort zone.

The 5 interconnecting bowls conveyed the idea of ‘bowls’ or people,    being receptacles of both giving and receiving.

It was not ‘just a drawing.’   It was a message about community and relationships.


Art thats Pretty, or Gritty.…. the question we artists face each time we set out our paints to create an image. Do we choose to go “pretty” or do we choose art with some “grit.”


Gardens of the Past ……  a reflection of gratitude from the flower and garden photos I now have left – which is WordPress photographs. Until I replenish them.


Toko Shinoda…..   a mistress of Less Is MORE!  Powerful! Amazing brushstrokes


Zen in the Garden … a lovely green, refreshing tropical get away,  right in the middle of the  Perth Zoo.    So calm.  So Zen.


zen garden tropical retreat, foliage greens, calm, debi riley art,
Zen Greens in The Garden





Those unreliable  little Night Fairies of course were on strike. They never showed,  the entire month of May.  Not once.

I’m very disappointed in them.



My next few weeks will be busy returning the house to order.  Though I will keep posting, I can not post like this –  each day!  500 words for each post and I run out of steam.


However,  you know I do have 300+ posts and articles now?!  Yes!  Some, I’d have to say are well worth going back and rereading.    And, we know, the month of May is full of posts……


I know.   You want new.

The old stuff is bo -ring.

I hear that from my 2 young loved ones.   “There’s nothing to do!”    I smile.

But,  There is always…… something fascinating to see, and something NEW,  and intriguing to read and to do!

If I am curious.     And persistent.





So tell me……

What Greens,  are in your rivers!?