Green, May Your Rivers Run!

oil landscape abstract painting,

May 31 wraps up the May Art Challenge – The Finale.

“May a Challenge be met and walked beyond.”   Indeed.

oil landscape abstract painting,
Abstract Landscape Oils (hints of soft sage green)


Renewed, Rejuvenated Painting

The color Green.

I associate renewal and regrowth, rejuvenation with this color. Fitting for this Green River painting and so appropriate for this final May Challenge post as well.


I’m a huge fan of sitting down and trying to think how to resolve an older painting. Rather than just ‘tossing it in the bin. I will persist and stick it out.

I most likely store the ‘undecided, unresolved’  image for quite some time.  Until I know precisely,  how to solve its puzzle.

But I will resolve it.  I will finish it.


Some family members might chuckle and under their breath say something like,  “just like a dog with a bone.”   Yes.  That’s true.  I am persistent.

Without a magic wand,  I have to be persistent.  



Alterations To the Painting

This oil abstract painting of a river with sage green has had its shape and its orientation changed dramatically.

I had to think outside the box of regular traditional ways of fixing up an oil painting.  And be imaginative and creative with my ‘fixing ideas.’

(I could have taken this much, much further out into left field, but decided to keep most of the original content intact for this example.)



  • Its now a square vs a rectangle.
  • It now is on laying on its right side, in horizontal not vertical.
  • And,  About 1/3 of the image has been cropped away.
  • Renewed and resolved.      Computers are magic!


Yes.  They (computers) are back in my good books again. We had a little chat about their parts wearing out and backup system malfunctioning.

Its behaving. We are all good now.


river reflections abstract paintings, photographs, debi riley art
River Reflections, Many Views,




31 Days of May – It Was A Challenge


31 Days of creating something from nothing.

Seemingly out of thin air,  some days.


Photographing the images and writing an ‘epistle’ to explain and describe these creations.

Doing this every day, was a lot harder than it looked. A lot more challenging than I thought the ‘challenge’ would be.   A little surprise.



Many house, work and family tasks took a back seat this month.

I don’t mind the household chores being left for the  ‘night fairies’  to get around to.

The other tasks were a little more pressing at times.    When my painting buddies resume the next challenge…. I may not raise my hand quite so high to join them ‘full time’ though.



Speaking of which…. My dear painting buddies

Laura at  has such enthusiasm, such light and joyfulness it is embedded into every art image she creates.

Laura has a joyful way with color.  Have a look! What glorious colors!    And say hello…. she is truly, one of the nicest, people I’ve met.



Margaret at   Well I must say that  Miss Margaret takes me where I long to be – to the crystal clear mountain river.  She makes me ‘feel like I am there with her.’  Its incredibly refreshing.

Beauty is In her pastels, her watercolors, and in those wonderful snapshots she shows us.   And she is super nice, and loves to meet people too!



Zen Greens in King's Park, Perth WA, debi riley abstract art,
Green Jade and  Emerald River



My favourite posts of May

5 Bowls….  this was a challenge. It was graphic, illustrative. It was all hard lines. I don’t ‘do’  hard lines and edges. Its not a normal approach for me. Its out of my comfort zone.

The 5 interconnecting bowls conveyed the idea of ‘bowls’ or people,    being receptacles of both giving and receiving.

It was not ‘just a drawing.’   It was a message about community and relationships.


Art thats Pretty, or Gritty.…. the question we artists face each time we set out our paints to create an image. Do we choose to go “pretty” or do we choose art with some “grit.”


Gardens of the Past ……  a reflection of gratitude from the flower and garden photos I now have left – which is WordPress photographs. Until I replenish them.


Toko Shinoda…..   a mistress of Less Is MORE!  Powerful! Amazing brushstrokes


Zen in the Garden … a lovely green, refreshing tropical get away,  right in the middle of the  Perth Zoo.    So calm.  So Zen.


zen garden tropical retreat, foliage greens, calm, debi riley art,
Zen Greens in The Garden





Those unreliable  little Night Fairies of course were on strike. They never showed,  the entire month of May.  Not once.

I’m very disappointed in them.



My next few weeks will be busy returning the house to order.  Though I will keep posting, I can not post like this –  each day!  500 words for each post and I run out of steam.


However,  you know I do have 300+ posts and articles now?!  Yes!  Some, I’d have to say are well worth going back and rereading.    And, we know, the month of May is full of posts……


I know.   You want new.

The old stuff is bo -ring.

I hear that from my 2 young loved ones.   “There’s nothing to do!”    I smile.

But,  There is always…… something fascinating to see, and something NEW,  and intriguing to read and to do!

If I am curious.     And persistent.





So tell me……

What Greens,  are in your rivers!?




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43 thoughts on “Green, May Your Rivers Run!

  1. O M G – the FINALE – hints of soft sage green – is sooooo SWOONWORTHY! What a finale! What a great month of art! Thank you Debi! Thank you for your inspiration, teaching, generosity, creativity, kindness! I ADORE this piece!

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    1. yippee!!! thank you so much Jodi! that is fab to hear, to know! you’re welcome!
      I quite like this oil painting. In its many forms, it reads well. so thank you for that Jodi.
      I hope now you guys won’t get too bored with back to regular fewer posting

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on completing all you set out to do in May! I admire your persistence. I haven’t been able to keep up with reading all of your posts, but its nice to know they are all there to go back to! Glad to hear the computer is behaving, and sorry about the fairies…. mine don’t seem to show up either. 😉 Rita PS. Love the art in this post. Especially the first piece… gorgeous.

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  3. What a swinging way to end this May challenge! I have to admit your painting reminded me of a river….which river, you ask? The Yuba river! Maybe the fairies didn’t get your memo? just saying 🙂 wow….over 300 posts? let that sink in a bit. Well, catch up and rest and we’ll see each other in June. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am laughing…. of course I was at the Yuba River!
      You’ve teased me now for months! I live there in my dreams. I go there nearly every day with you!!
      I will be scanning everywhere. Looking for bits that my mind can create into ‘the Yuba River’ for I don’t know how long. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  4. Dear Debi – the acrylic landscape is remarkable. It has such dimension and movement, a beautiful finale for May. I’m sure you will happy to get back to your normal blogging and life routine. Thanks for your May dedication, we all were the beneficiaries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you’re welcome of course!!! Normal routine is good 🙂 I’m glad that the May posts had such a great response from people, I realise (now) that daily postings are much more exciting to readers. Its great to learn new things.
      As always Sharon, my thanks for your encouragement and wonderful words of wisdom! 🙂 Debi


    1. very good eye! it resembles copper, the mix I used was white and quinacridone gold, with a dash of burnt sienna. Oils have created a lovely patina and sheen that is similar metallic in this case. thanks for stopping by and having a look today! Cheers, Debi

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    1. that is so lovely of you, thank you so much! I appreciate your views, thoughts and your ‘visiting’ with me 🙂 I hope that June will be a good month for everyone 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thank You!!
      even though its so abstract, that was the idea that I wanted to convey. So I’m glad you saw it too 🙂 I’ve been on a ‘river cruise’…. since meeting up with Margaret at yubagold. She is always posting pics of her Yuba river. I wish I could go there!


  5. In my eyes, you saved the best for last! I love the abstract oil landscape with its soft sage green and coppery hues. To me, it’s almost “realism” — I can so easily see the rocks and water of a mountain stream. I notice from reading previous comments that I’m not the only one with that vision. You did, indeed, convey the idea quite nicely. Like you, I love Margaret’s “Yuba River” pictures and paintings. I’m glad she takes us there with her through her art. I’m glad, too, to get your view of the river. 🙂


  6. I can relate to persisting with a work of art until I solve the problem and complete it, though my works of art take the form of novels! I also do loads of crafts, and all of those projects that are on the back burner simmering away in my mind until I solve them are what I call my PHds – “Projects Half-Done”! I can honestly say that I have several PHds. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Let me know how you enjoy it! Just to let you know: I could use all the great reviews I can get! I know people who’ve read each of my books seven (one even eight, and counting!) times, but they still have yet to post reviews… so go for it, if the books are your cuppa tea – I’d really appreciate it! 😉


  7. OMG you paint in oils too????? Is there no end to your artistic prowesssssss preciousssssssss? That painting is a stunner, Debi! Wow!!! Blown away once again, you sure know how to go out with a bang! I agree with Sharon, we were and are always the beneficiaries of your wonderful work. Thank you for so graciously and generously sharing your time and talent with us. We are sure to be inspired whenever we stop by. I’m not sure but I think this one may be my favorite of the bunch (and that is saying something, my friend)! Also, from my heart, thank you for your kind comments about your painting buddies. I was honored to paint with you and Margaret this month. Even though I was sick for 1/4 of it lol. Thank you again, my friend. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks LL!! I like sharing information and I always hope, that someone will find it useful. and will go into the archives too.
      there’s alot, of really good articles/posts and I’ll go back to revise update them. so people can see them. I think some should be seen again, the molding paste, the oils, the textural effects… so thats my rough plan for June.
      I love oils. just did some printmaking using oil based inks that were great fun. The Challenge with you and Margaret was a fun, wonderful experience! 🙂 once in a lifetime chance!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I hope it wasn’t a once in a lifetime chance! Wow, you are a born artist, working so well in every medium, that is pretty amazing, Debi. My memory is really bad or else I missed the post about molding paste or maybe I saw it but at the time I had no idea what it was so it went right over my head! Will have to check that out! (((((((3d)))))))


  8. Dear Debi, I really like this painting a lot and don’t have any suggestions how to improve it. (Just imagine that, lol) I can imagine that you are a bit exhausted mentally by this month. Having to be creative is something else than being creative. The muse doesn’t kiss us every day, even if we want French kisses all day long. Have some days of rest. By the way, there’s something wrong with my computer, I cannot answer anything. I’m sorry and try to solve this problem. Cheers Mitza

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Mitza… i so agree about The Muse. 🙂 I did, find my (own personal) limits. now I know what not to do.
      I’m glad you also like this oil painting, its one of my favs. It speaks to me. I do like oils!!! cheers, have a sunny day, Mitza 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Life is a process of learning, acquiring knowledge and learning from experiences we made.
        I had some oilcolors, too, some years ago, but living in a flat I didn’t like the smell of terpentine etc. in the rooms so I sold them by ebay.
        Have a sunny day, too, cheers Mitza

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    1. hi Janice, Thank you very much!
      I’m glad you liked this one so much…. it is, one of my top favs.
      Indeed more so, than the ‘flowers and such.’ The way of the abstract suits me. Cheers, and thanks again! Debi


  9. Congratulations Debi. A great month of work for us to enjoy and learn from. Glad to hear the computer is back in your good books. Where would we be without them. Happy June 🙂


  10. The art here Debi is really beautiful – so many layers and elements of interest, wonderful textures. The subtle hint of sage green is the oh so perfect touch in honoring nature. Glad to hear your technology problems are resolved – they can really cause a “bad day,” right? I too have a place where my paintings that just aren’t cutting it are placed, every now and then I revisit with a renewed vigor. I’m very behind in readings, but will slowly catchup. You had an amazing month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. many, many kind thank you’s Mary 🙂 that sure is lovely to read that comment! That Computer and I – we didn’t speak for weeks! lol 3years of grandchildren growing up priceless photos…. gone. Well. I’m moving on. I’m really glad you liked this oil image. it is a Fav of mine!! cheers, Debi

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      1. I have a removable hard drive 250G that I use strictly for art photographs, etc. and also two flash drives. It’s a routine once per month that all is backed up. Worth every cent after reading what you experienced. Have a wonderful weekend!

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