Palette Knife  fun combined with exploring the ipad camera functions. A great way to do a little art and do a little experimentation!


mark making acrylic landscape palette knife abstracts,
Lovely Marks, using Palette Knife


Fun Mark Making Paintings


First Image

Acrylic Marks with a Palette Knife


Palette Knife pk1008

Cartridge  paper   – non archival,  non acid free,  (this will deteriorate in time)

acrylics,   white, naples yellow, ultramarine, grey, prussian blue




Second Image

Watercolor and Pen


Rekab 320s #2  brush

Saunders  100%  cotton rag  CP watercolor paper

Watercolors, turquoise, green yellow, blue

Gold Gouache

black and blue marker pens


mark making in art, blue green watercolors, debi riley art
Mark Making In Art




Mark Making  is  fun!  Both types,  palette knife and the watercolor and pen work.



I did not find that the ipad photo provided as great of clarity as I’m used to,  but  I wanted to see the result.

I didn’t expect, that it would.  But still,   I needed to see!


And,  the photo was …. ‘ok’   not bad.    So, now I know.


As far as the palette knife mark making in acrylics… I kind of like the ‘inference’  of some mountains perhaps.  And maybe a green valley in the foreground.  That’s my spin on it.





This,  is Day 29 of my May “Create, and Post Every Day”  Challenge.

9 days of creating. 29 days of exploring. 29 days of posts.

And 1 more day left.