Playful and Fun: Mark Making

mark making acrylic landscape palette knife abstracts,

Palette Knife  fun combined with exploring the ipad camera functions. A great way to do a little art and do a little experimentation!


mark making acrylic landscape palette knife abstracts,
Lovely Marks, using Palette Knife


Fun Mark Making Paintings


First Image

Acrylic Marks with a Palette Knife


Palette Knife pk1008

Cartridge  paper   – non archival,  non acid free,  (this will deteriorate in time)

acrylics,   white, naples yellow, ultramarine, grey, prussian blue




Second Image

Watercolor and Pen


Rekab 320s #2  brush

Saunders  100%  cotton rag  CP watercolor paper

Watercolors, turquoise, green yellow, blue

Gold Gouache

black and blue marker pens


mark making in art, blue green watercolors, debi riley art
Mark Making In Art




Mark Making  is  fun!  Both types,  palette knife and the watercolor and pen work.



I did not find that the ipad photo provided as great of clarity as I’m used to,  but  I wanted to see the result.

I didn’t expect, that it would.  But still,   I needed to see!


And,  the photo was …. ‘ok’   not bad.    So, now I know.


As far as the palette knife mark making in acrylics… I kind of like the ‘inference’  of some mountains perhaps.  And maybe a green valley in the foreground.  That’s my spin on it.





This,  is Day 29 of my May “Create, and Post Every Day”  Challenge.

9 days of creating. 29 days of exploring. 29 days of posts.

And 1 more day left.



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41 thoughts on “Playful and Fun: Mark Making

  1. What a journey you have had and myself as well but you posted more than I did, I am sure that you are ready for that break! I love your acrylic but I hate the thought of it deteriorating because it is my favorite. It could be first….the vivid colors and freedom and then of course, one of my favorite subjects, mountains. How do you make your marks intuitively? do you have a way of getting started? One more day! I am officially done with the painting but working slowly on getting one last post in for Tuesday. June here I come!

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    1. Thank you Margaret! I probably always have landscape inbuilt in my mind, I think. So, subconsciously these things get revealed. June will be full on, with kids staying over most weekends. So I’ll not have so much oomph to do as many posts. I will try to do 3/week though.

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  2. I got in the practice of grabbing a small 6″ x 6″ board after I complete an oil painting session and using whatever paint is left on my palette and a palette knife to make some sort of composition with the leftover paint on the palette. Many times they turn out to be some sort of abstract work, which works great to loosen me up!

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    1. thank you Daniel! You are right, sometimes these little guys end up much more lively and filled with light energy than the others! Thank you for stopping in, Cheers, Debi


  3. I definitely saw mountains in the acrylic painting, but maybe that’s because I spent time yesterday painting mountains — and using a plastic card to scrape away a little paint — so that’s where my mind is right now. I really like the second painting, too. Along with the mountains, I was also reading about “line” in abstract art yesterday. I played around with making a few marks. I haven’t yet developed a strong sense of composition, so it’s helpful — and inspiring — to see illustrations of the principles in action. Thank you so much for sharing your art.

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    1. thank you Judith! yes, was definitely thinking along the lines of mountains… in the back of my mind 🙂 I’m glad you like this, and that you found some inspiration in it. That, is lovely!! cheers, Debi

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  4. What a month, I’ve enjoyed your journey immensely. The images today are both inspiring. I like that you are experimenting with the iPad. Thank you Debi for sharing your thoughts and art.

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  5. Oh I don’t want it to be over! I have been so inspired! I can’t decide which of these I like more – and I won’t! I love the acrylic ocean scene – very SWOONworthy! I try not to focus on it though because it makes me want to buy and try acrylics – LOL! and i really want to master WC. I adore the watercolor piece and those are some of my fave colors to work with too!!!!

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    1. Do it, do it, oh I hope you go ahead and get some acrylics Jodi! You could pick up a set at Walmart for like $8 and at least see what you think. You can totally use watercolor paper or even any piece of scrap matboard or wood or whatever! I just had to put my beak in here and say that, I’ll shut up now. 💜💚💜

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      1. It is so fun to play with form and texture as part of the actual paint! I can’t even describe how cool that is. And the colors are so much more vibrant on the screen (thinking e-marketing now). I can see your point, but WC takes a lifetime to master. I say, eat dessert first lol. *pulls beak back out*

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      2. Me too, on wood and stenciling on walls too back in the day but craft paint is so different. Painting in abstract with so many different texturizing mediums……so different. It’s night and day. Think McD’s kids meal burger compared to a juicy sirloin steak! And talk about fun! Pure fun. Like playing with Playdoh like a little kid kinda fun. (Oh how I loved Playdoh lol). Oh I need to detach my beak altogether, I’m beaktastic over here lol.

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    2. hi Jodi! Thank you! I’ll go back to a more do able schedule, is all!!
      Watercolor concept is very different to the acrylic! Even though after these years, I’ve mutated both. And can/will use both like the other. It is tricky to do…. but, these days, I’m up for failures and messes. They are just experiments. LOL

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  6. great paintings, Debi, very different, but each very beautiful. The first one reminds me of the Alps, the second is nearly a little Japanese art. Wonderful colors, cheers Mitza

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  7. They are so different but I have to go with the acrylic piece this time, Debi. Wow wow wow I was thinking it would be so cool to see a YouTube of you painting something like this. I’d love to see how you wield your palette knife to make the magic that is this painting! I think this is one of my very favorites of yours for this month, maybe for all time! You are getting even better as the month progresses, go go go Debi, you are amazing us with your ability to keep going all through May, even when your painting buddies haven’t always stayed with you! ((((((3d))))))) 💜💛💙💚❤️


  8. Love both for different reasons. I was always fascinated by using palette knife technique. It’s an almost limitless layering of building textures, depth and direction. The second is just you, the fabulous Debi zen the master of water colors!!! Love the golden touches and the playfulness of it.

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      1. People do it all the time, I think they have the camera attached to something and they just have to stay in frame! Like the Frugal Crafter. I think there are ways! Not that I understand any of them lol.


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