This, is how I see the world around me.  My vision, through my artist’s eyes.

I was back in town with over an hour to spare. And once again decided to venture to King’s Park in Perth. Wondering what treats and surprises might await me…..this time!


Zen Greens in King's Park, Perth WA, debi riley abstract art,
Zen Greens  (final crop #3)


King’s Park Perth, WA

The flower season isn’t due for months yet.  But, that’s ok, I can nearly always find something of interest.


I turned towards a section of King’s Park I haven’t been to before and hoped I wouldn’t get too lost in the maze of roads on my way back out.  Making all these turns… Turn right, then left, left and right, then right, and left.  Goodness,  I might miss my appointment!


Anyway, there was plenty of free parking right in front of a lovely green lush parkland area. With a cafe.

I could smell coffee.  Nice.


Kings Park photo in greens,
Kings Park in Green (cropped version #2)

Initial glance,  the park land area  was quite disappointing.

No flowers, no blossoms, no real ‘major’ focal points.  But, I wasn’t about to get back in the car and go searching for something that was ‘eye popping.’  I didn’t have time to waste.

No.  I’m just a bit ‘stubborn’ that way.  I made up my mind, I would hunt HERE until I found something of note.



Glorious Greens in the Park

I noticed straight away, that the grass was so lovely and green. And soft!

They must water a lot there.  We do have strict water restrictions in Perth…. so my own lawn and garden has nowhere near the lush ‘oasis’ feel of this verdant park area.

Glorious Greens!

Viridians, emeralds, jades, perylene greens…. Delightful.




I wandered around a bit to get the lay of the land and see what’s about.  Then I crossed over a little wooden bridge.  The sun finally peeked out and warmed my back and lit the foliage up like magic.


Just over the bridge, on the other side my eyes focused in on tree foliage reflections.

Those glorious greens.  Woven together in a most lovely abstract.

That was IT.



I sat down onto the pathway and just took it in.


Perhaps a little zen contemplation and relaxation.  I was also thinking happily,  that I might be on my way to replenish some of my destroyed photographs.


Looking at the big overview of the scene, I wasn’t unduly impressed.   Not until my eyes, zoomed right in.  Targeting a small section of greens, that I was sure this was my ‘happy shot’ for the day.



Kings park view, reflections in green photo,
The Big View, Kings Park  (original uncropped #1)



This is how my eye sees.

My eyes are constantly ‘taking a walk in the park.’ 

I scan the surroundings all the time. Trying to zoom in and find a small pocket of cool.  A snippet that resonates…… with me.

I love going from the big, regular view right down to a micro mini view.  The 3 photographs I’ve featured, show you how my eye and mind work in tandem to do this.

As the design and composition gets cropped tighter, and becomes more abstracted it becomes so much more interesting to me.




Thanks for sharing my walk in the park, King’s Park in Perth WA.




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