Tiny Dancers…in the mist

Tiny Dancers…in the mist

Morning mists engulf the Perth, Western Australian bushland park.

The softly out of focus floral blossoms sway. Reaching. For the light. Waiting for the morning fog to lift.

I sip my coffee. As I wait for my morning fog to lift also.


wildflowers of Perth, in the mists, debiriley.com
Tiny Dancers in the mist


To me…… they can be tiny dancers enshrouded in the soft light.

Dancing slowly, stretching, waking.



foggy, misted flowers of Perth, debi riley art photographs
Foggy flowers of Perth, debiriley.com


I love how nature provides such color.

Such softness. Such suggestion.


wild flowers, dancers of Perth Park, debi riley art photographs,
Wild Flowers, Dancers in the Park



Tiny Dancers in the mist….. do I really know the proper name for these blossoms?

No. They are some kind of banksia though.


The artist within,  prefers “Tiny Dancers in the mist.”     




20 thoughts on “Tiny Dancers…in the mist

  1. Debi strikes again! I love your name for this beautiful flower, my 3d friend. Gorgeous photo and post. They do look like they’re dancing. Almost reminds me of an undersea plant or those sea anemones? Not sure if I’ve named it the right thing or not. Beautiful! What a cool abstract a flower like this could make. 💜

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    1. thanks!! so glad you like these photos! I do like trying to take unique or different format types of…. photos, as well as painting!
      I think the 2 go hand in hand with my art journey. thank you for your wonderful comment Katrine! cheers, Debi


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