Would you like to know a few simple steps and techniques to be able to create a more visually stimulating watercolor painting? Collage, is a wonderful solution for the creative and the imaginative artist seeking….More!


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Watercolor Texture Techniques

“Indigo and Copper Bay”   watercolor on Strathmore paper.



Textures of Watercolor

There are many methods and techniques that you can use to create textural effects in watercolor:  collage, dry brush, molding paste, glad wrap, splatter, salt, powders, charging, and many more.

With collage you can use your own textures. You can create these textures on an assortment of  watercolor papers, all giving a huge range of effects.


Today’s  sample illustrates  the  integrated use of color, tone, wet in wet and collage to arrive at a raised and sculptural look for the “Indigo and Copper Bay” watercolor art image.




Process and Textural Effects


The steps I used to achieve this watercolor texture took time.

It was over a period of 6 months that this image developed and ‘evolved.’


I didn’t rush it.

I had many more papers.  I had many more works in progress.

Most did not make the grade. I’m ok with that.



I learned many things from each of those that did not make the grade.

I used each  of them to learn and gain something new.

There was no loss.

Only Gain.

I always, try to remember that.





  • First, I applied a wet in wet wash over an old Strathmore paper
  • Let this dry thoroughly
  • Next I applied some acrylic matte medium lightly,  to some thin tissue paper
  • and adhered onto the Strathmore in folds randomly
  • Let this dry thoroughly   (I waited a couple of days)
  • Then I dampened the entire paper
  • Mixed up a juicy batch of indigo prussian mix,
  • poured this in  –  judiciously –   in a couple of ‘key’  areas
  • Then with copper paint, made a couple of  Splatters upon the paper
  • paused
  • stood back about  8 feet to review at a distance
  • At that point,  I couldn’t  identify any critical errors
  • Thus,  I Stopped.
  • Put the brush down.





3  Key Points


I have   3   Major  Points  to share with the beginners.

Each is really, truly invaluable.  Over the  past 30 years of teaching and painting,      I know these 3 will help you improve and overcome those hurdles!



  1.  don’t worry.

forget about the hurry up and get a product ‘Now!’

have several,   i.e.    “many”  works in progress  



2.  don’t worry.

forget about trying to make them ALL be ones you can be proud of


3.  don’t worry.

use those papers up

remember…. you can use the front side, back side, rinse it off and go again.  or with acrylics gesso and repaint – endlessly!

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can paint on the backside of a full sheet 22 x 30 inches.    wow. What Great Investment.



Cheers,  Debi



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