Blue Lake – Acrylic Abstract

Wow – Day 24 already in the May “Create and Post Everyday” Challenge!  What’s the agenda today?  Diving into the deep inviting cobalt blue lake  surrounded by a warm  golden burnt sienna cliff face.  “The Blue Lake,”  acrylic abstract!


blue lake acrylic abstract painting, textures in acrylics, debi riley
Acrylic Blue Lake abstract



Acrylic Abstract


Blue Lake.

The deep blue was created with a combination of cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and a pinch of white.



Escarpment rocks, hills.

The craggy hills and rockery needed a blend of burnt umber, quinacridone burnt sienna, and quinacridone gold.

These were skimmed over a prepared canvas. I’d already gessoed it to create plenty of texture!





Complementary Pairs


I took advantage of complementary pairings in this acrylic abstract painting.

The orange and browns complement  the blue, balancing the image.

Blue and Orange have been my favourite color pairing for years.  I love bird of paradise flowers for that reason.

These colors resonate with me and just seem to be “Happy Colors.”



There are 3  complementary pairs
  • blue and orange
  • yellow and purple
  • red and green



If I have a painting a bit too strong in one color (perhaps a purple…)  then to balance it up,  I’d dash in a jot or two of its complement (yellow.)

This method helps to relieve any tension and enliven some boring areas and paintings.





Deciding a Design Format


contemporary, abstract acrylic landscapes, blue lake painting, debi riley art
Acrylic Abstract Landscape


This is a square version, cropped a little closer with tighter detail.

As I mentioned  in Flames of a Flower,   I like to alter my formats.

See what my options are.  What will look best.

Its kind of like trying on  2-3 dresses, to see which one looks right on the day.





Blue Lake Acrylic Abstract was a great exercise in using complementary pairs. It also gave me the opportunity to use a variety of textural approaches.

I made the blue lake look more flat and subtle, simply by moving the textured strokes horizontally.  And very evenly all the way across the painting.


Blue Lake Acrylic Abstract painting  used a simple palette. Focusing more on color and texture than on specific representational objects.





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      • I hear you – I did a few yesterday. I could do a million too – but hate to “waste” the paper – LOL! Anyway – what is the trick to getting the hang of the pallet knife! It is a whole new animal! Do you put really thick paint on it that is not watered down at all? Or watery?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Your beautiful painting reminds me of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, a 30 minute drive from Las Vegas, there are shear red cliffs and when the light is right the lake can look very blue. A masterful painting Debi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hi Andy, thank you so much for stopping in and looking!! Thank you for letting me know what you thought about the Blue Lake post. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Cheers, Debi


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