Flames of a Flower.  Brilliant. Colorful. Unrestrained. Watercolors. Want more?……

colorful abstract contemporary watercolor, flower in flames, debi riley art
Flames of a Flower debiriley.com


Flower Flames Design

Bright red scarlet.

Scorching heat reaching upwards and beyond.

Just a hint of cobalt teal blue to accent in the corner.


flames burst into petals, watercolor flower abstract,
Flaming Burst of Petals debiriley.com



Watercolor Abstract

Yesterday’s cactus blooms with their wonderful flame shapes stirred my imagination.  Leading to the creation of this colorful watercolor abstract.



The flower petals could become…..

chrysanthemums,  Christmas cactus, dahlias,  synthetic dyed sunflowers or many others.

I felt that in this case, today,   they wanted to be unconfined.

  • Unlined.
  • Unconstrained.
  • No boundaries.
  • Melting.  Merging.   Soft edges.



contemporary abstract watercolors, red flames, debi riley art
A New View



3 Views of the Same Painting

These  3  Views of the same subject, the same painting,  provides an interesting selection.

I nearly always rotate and ‘virtually’  crop all paintings.

It reveals so many new perspectives to the scene or subject that my first glance, my first thoughts didn’t even register.

I included these, in order for you to get an idea of my process. And to choose for yourself which version you prefer.





Today’s  paintings and post was Inspired by  12 Significant Photographs   from yesterday.

hot pink cactus bloom photograph, debi riley art photo
Hot Pink Cactus Today debi riley photograph




This photograph is a  Tropical ‘twist’  using the cactus blooms and their flame like petals in a vibrant Hawaiian approach.

Making me think …. of  yummy luas !

fire petals of a flower, abstract digital art painting, debi riley
Fire petals debiriley.com



Watercolor Abstract, Flames of a Flower was a fun and bold painting.  Inspired by the photographs taken yesterday.  Influenced.

Or as a lovely art friend once said,  “lightly salted with yesterday’s memories.”