I’d love to share the philosophy of one of my favourite photographers, Ansel Adams.  Well known for his stunning black and white landscapes, we all ooh and ahh over them!

But….  the creative genius that fuelled the fires for their creation…. what about that, where did it come from, what sparks lit the fire?


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There are 2 quotes that give me a wealth of insight into Ansel Adams’  motivations and inspirations.

First Ansel Adams Photography quote


“12 Significant photographs

in any one year is a good crop.”   


An eye opening statement.  I’m astounded.

That concept hits me right where it counts.

The MASTER of photography….. considered 12,  to be a good crop!   Per Year.



And here I have been ‘slaving’ and struggling away (like many) to  get nearly every single effort to be ‘significant.’    Ahhh.       Of course, I am no Ansel Adams!  But still.  The philosophy behind this is valid.


And valid in painting as well as in photography.




Second Ansel Adams quote


“A photograph is usually looked at – 

seldom looked into.”       



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Green Giants  debiriley.com


Now,  Adams  digs a bit deeper.   Into content, context, meaning, message, communication.   The dialogue between the subject, the photographer and the viewer.


What meaning is behind the image?   What feelings are evoked?          Do we briefly cast a glance in the mirror and then scurry past?

Or pause,  and really take a moment to look into it for the full meaning to be revealed?



Ansel Adams created some of the most beautiful photographic images I’ve seen.  I’m sure its because he took the time to look into the subject until,  what was needed to be revealed,  was.




Today’s Creations  –    full of challenges

This morning,  I set out to replenish my library.  I was thinking about closed and opened doors and windows, the opportunities to try new techniques.  To learn something from a circumstance.

Now,  I haven’t used a tripod.  Shock.

(My hands used to be so steady, I never bothered.)



Trying out my unused tripod would be a fabulous opportunity to learn a new skill.

This is a ‘door to enter and walk through.’     Conveying this  message in the photos, would be another goal.

I’d like the viewers’  to Look Into the photographs rather than look at…. hmmm.  That is another challenge.



I had on hand, some flowers in a vase.

Lilies and Iris.  They were my subjects. I wondered if I could…. achieve any… of my goals.




lily stamen macro photography, ansel adams inspiration quote, debi riley art
The Curtain Parts….  macro debiriley.com





Ansel Adams and his words of wisdom have inspired me.

I hope they have inspired you, whether you are painting, writing, baking, singing, printing, photographing, or some other creative art form.


At the end of 2016,  if by chance…. I have created 12 Significant Photographs or artworks,  I will give myself an encouraging,  pat on the back!


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Lily at Home  debiriley.com