Gardens of the Past

freesia in the gardens, debi riley photograph, flower gardens

Memories. This is a brief sweep through time  to see a few of the flowers and gardens I love.


Still Life Florals in vase photograph
The Soul of the Artist


These 8 photos are from my WordPress library collection, from prior articles posted.


wildflower purple photo
Walking for Creativity photo


Incidents happen.



spring tulips remembered, pink tulip photo,
Spring Tulips Remembered



Waiting on a Friend
Waiting On A Friend



Simple everyday,  ordinary things.


A power failure.

A worn out hard drive. Time.

Malfunction in the backup systems.


And so, as it happened…all my photos were a bit like Humpty Dumpty.

No one can put them back together again.


red and green photo
Blush of Rose Minted Green Leaves



I can say

I’m grateful to have made their acquaintance.


Those that remain,  on WordPress, I hold dear.

Those that are gone.

I let go.


morning rose at daybreak, photo,
Rose Tears of Joy



in Silence, Remember, lily photo,
In Silence



A door closes.

But more open.







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30 thoughts on “Gardens of the Past

  1. ((((((((((3d)))))))))) You’re a wonderful photographer (and gardener, apparently) and there will be more where those came from. These are beautiful, and all the more treasured now, I’m sure. Beautiful post. ❤

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  2. I know the feeling of losing beloved art or images on the computer. Thank you for reposting these beautiful pictures. The dew droplets on the Rose is outstanding.

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    1. Sharon, thank you for that!
      I really do hope, that there was some way for you, to recover yours in some measure. and that the photos werent from years and years.

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  3. Beautiful images, Debi! 💕💖 It is so hard to loose photos on our computers but I do believe we have them forever in our hearts. 😊


  4. In my view, i Will like to take it in a different direction. Both gardens oast and present are sweet not minding ones richness or level of poverty. You will become overwhelmed with joy or otherwise depending on how you use your garden. Your garden determines you r place of stay withe God(paradise/hell). So , take care of yours so as to apeace


  5. that’s so beautiful, dear Debi. Flowers always overwhelm me with their beauty, and your photos are really wonderful, like a dream, cheers Mitza


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