Sparkling Watercolor Flower

watercolor flower techniques, easy beginners watercolors, debi riley art

Easy and fast.  I really like this watercolor flower technique when pressed for time.  Its a simple thing to get out the Rekab #2  320s watercolor brush and mix up a couple of pretty colors!


easy watercolor flowers, using rekab 320s watercolor brush,, watercolor flower painting, debi riley
Watercolor Flower using Rekab brush Debi Riley


Watercolor Flower Technique


I actually don’t know of anyone else who has done this, but I can’t possibly be the only person to have used the brush this way.  Its not a unique Debi Riley watercolor flower technique that I am aware of!



The Steps Used

  1. Load up my brush with the orange yellow first
  2. and then dunk it into the deeper darker,  toned red pink last
  3. Hold the brush pointed towards me at 12 o’clock
  4. and then simply rotate it clockwise in a nudging, gentle fashion on the paper
  5. releasing the colors on the watercolor paper … gently
  6. leaving a nice big center, that is irregular in shape
  7. when its dry, if you choose,
  8. return to it and put a pale cream butter jot of yellow within part of the center
  9. not mid tone yellow, but clear and transparent
  10. keep it simple – keep it fun!



I like to keep my watercolor flower centres white.  They sparkle that way.

It enhances the bold impact, the loveliness of the shape the white has created!!  When I ‘add yellow’  it always,  takes away from the impact, the clarity, the ‘oomph’   I had hoped for.

So, now – I just leave it out.




Doing several watercolor flowers, to get the ‘hang’ of it is a great idea.

But its a fun and simplified version to painting nice little watercolor floral cards.

Or simply just a relaxing form of zen –  meditation, really.


watercolor flower techniques, easy beginners watercolors, debi riley art
Soft Garden Blooms Watercolors Debi Riley 




Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques 

Quick and Easy Iris Bud 

Watercolour Flower



What’s   happening in May

It is Day 18 of the May Challenge I’ve committed to with Laura at and Margaret at     Daring Watercolors.



We’ve chosen to  “create something”  and post each of the days of May.


Some days the Muse is with me.  Some days she is not.  Muses,  as I’ve mentioned ….come and go at their pleasure. Not mine.


We’re not always, 24-7 “on”   nor do I expect myself to be perfect. To create something that draws oohs and ahs  each post.

Its not possible. Nor,  is it a reasonable expectation of myself.


In the midst of this May Challenge,  my computer backup system had a failure along with my hard drive failing… losing all photos and docs of the past. But, I’m so  lucky to have the 300+  compressed images on WordPress!!


My next post will feature a walk through a few chosen gardens of the past, using some of my remaining WordPress images.




For a list of stockists and  art store suppliers for the Rekab 320s  #2  brush  see my post  Watercolor Brushes.

I personally, have bought and tried over 300 brushes.

And,  just saying….   the Rekab is the only one I can get to cooperative with me nicely,  to create these easy watercolor flowers that sparkle!  







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  1. I love that “pin it” option with your flower, I pinned it of course, simple and lovely. I wasn’t able to see where you can buy the Rekab 320s #2 size. The store in New Jersey doesn’t seem to stock it, I’ll do more research on it. What a horrible thing losing your photos! 😦 I can’t imagine. At least you had access to some of them.

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    1. thanks Margaret! do all my images have the pin option? they’re supposed to…. The Art Scene in Sydney will and so will the artshop in victoria. its hard to locate in the US but Armadillo ‘used to’….

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    1. thanks Vicki! 🙂 glad that I shared something… a bit fresh and new!! It is getting to be more of a challenge now though …. lol


  2. Wow, what a great technique, Debi! And you do make it look so easy. Love those colors, they wanna jump right into a vase here on my table! I’m so glad you still have your WP images. Can’t even imagine what that must be like but you are rolling on with a happy heart, as always….inspiring us all!! 💜😘🎨👏🌻

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  3. Dear Debi, nice flowers, as usual. The bald vulture would like some yellow in the middle of the flowers below because they remind me of pansies a lot. Hope you don’t dislike me now. Cheers, Mitza


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