Fresh View Watercolors

easy watercolor flowers, mixing green foliage leaves, simple watercolor paintings, debi riley art

Attitude.  Willingness to view a circumstance untied to outcome.  I needed a new perspective and fresh way to see this watercolor challenge.

easy watercolor flowers, mixing green foliage leaves, simple watercolor paintings, debi riley art
Watercolor Garden Sunburst

I may not have been so keen on this watercolor painting‘s original format and design when it first made its appearance last week.  It was a rectangular format at first, which didn’t do anything at all for the design.

But with a little thought and some creative alterations, things are looking brighter.



Cropped tighter,  and now in a square it creates a much more dynamic design.

Its fresh.  Its bold.  Its direct.

I like it.





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28 thoughts on “Fresh View Watercolors

    1. cool! thanks for that Sharon! the way it looked previously, just wasn’t sitting right with me…. glad that this is working and you’re liking it this way! 🙂

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  1. Yup. This one’s got attitude. It IS fresh and bold and boy we could all use extra triple doses of that! Confident brush strokes. No fiddling. Take notice, I am here, hear me ROAR! This should be on everyone’s alarm clocks! *waves magic wand to make it so* ❤

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  2. Excellent, dear Debi… That Garden Sunburst is gorgeous… I love the colors.
    I also liked the way you show us how attitude and perspective can be intertwined ideas… Have an excellent week… Aquileana 😉

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    1. thank you so much! it might sound odd… I know, but I really have found with painting, success depends on what kind of attitude I have that day. You have a great week too!


    1. yes… i thought about that! then wondered about the tonal value ratio and balance of the entire image. the outskirts being SO very dark already. it left me unsure that a dark centre was a perfect choice.. so, i left it alone. for now. lol
      thanks, good eye, good call on that !!

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