Laying The Foundation: Art

What went before.  The steps taken preceding this. The past is relevant.

Watercolor art foundation, colorful flower painting, debi riley watercolor, abstract techniques,
Color Bold Watercolors


Art Basics

My first day’s  efforts did not construct a house. Nor much of anything of note.

I had to lay a foundation.

And then it all ties together.

Into a satisfying creation.


As I’ve mentioned in prior posts,  art is so much like life.     What and how we approach things, can easily be related right back to life situations.



The Discontent of Hurry – Slap Dash

I’m in the midst of trying to learn 2 new software programs on an unfamiliar computer at the moment in order  to get the day’s post out.  5 hours later……. still no post.

This is frustrating. I get it.

I don’t have a foundation started, with any of these!  My ‘house,’   my creation,   logically  will not be up to par.  That’s just the way it is.


I know that when many students are painting in art workshops, classes and at home,  it can be like that too.

Frustrating at times.


We all  “Want it now. Right Now.”

and that seems to be the crux of our frustration.

It was mine today.


simplifying flowers, flower abstract drawings.
Flower Design Petals



Preparing The Way


Without the previous processes and steps taken with the following posts,  (have look at their images),  what I do today…. could not have been built.  I needed that foundation.


Seeing Design

Beautiful Lines

5 Steps Abstraction

5   Bowls Still Life

Black and white patterns  zebra

31 Muses flowers





I am quite happy with my wild flower blooms.

Seemingly dancing in the summer breeze with merriment and joy.

Splashes and splatters, drips and drops falling upon the paper with abandon.

It is a happy little piece.

I like it.




Its happiness, does much to counterbalance the other frustrations that the computer issues waged with me.


The foundation background history of those paintings that went before,  served me quite well.  The lack thereof in the computer aspect….. is also telling.


Laying a good strong foundation first will make you Happier.







  1. So true about our foundation, practice, practice, practice. Your colorful art today is joyful and happy. The color, design and splashing of paint brought me a smile and joy this morning. And, oh those computers, ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

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