Color – What fun!  Slathering Prussian and Cobalt Teal blues paints across the rough textured cotton canvas.


acrylic abstract green painting, Golden acrylic paints,  debi riley art,
Water, Color, Reflections in Acrylics



Acrylic Colors  Used

Prussian Blue, Indanthrone Blue,  Cobalt Teal Blue,  Light Red, Naples Yellow, White

I used Golden, Matisse and Winsor and Newton acrylics.

The Indanthrone Blue was by Golden.  This is a magnificent rich blue of great depth. A wonderful subtle hint, of violet in it. I adore this color.


Complementary Light Red  adds just a touch of warmth to give the design a better balance;  it is not too cold.



Brush and Knife

I used a my  magic palette knife  for most of the painting.  Fingers for smudging and a plain flat nylon brush  in a couple of places.



Purpose of the exercise

The goal of the painting exercise was to simply create a cool dominant image offset with its complement. To create an acrylic Abstract with blue greens.


Looking at the image,  it is open to individual interpretation.

Whereas I may see the white on the right side as a waterfall cascading down the side of  a layered escarpment; another may see a different interpretation altogether!





Acrylics Texture

Acrylic Knife

Acrylic Trees