A Mother’s Life is Art too

Mothers Day Art, flowers pink watercolors, debi riley art,

A Mother’s Life. Some of us mothers have it easy, some of us live the life of Riley, some of us really do, have it very tough. But no matter where we fall in that spectrum, its a fine delicate art, to being a Mom.


Where are the manuals?  There are none, not really. Its learn by example. And trial and error ie  practice.  …like art.


Mothers Day Art, flowers pink watercolors, debi riley art,
Mothers Life is Art



Like Art

Knowing when to draw a hard line,  and when to draw a soft edged line;   when to be soft, gooey and snuggly;




How to see the child’s patterns developing, reading between the lines,  to nip things in the bud before anything can grow too wildly out of control.



mothers day flowers art, debi riley
Growing Unchecked




Knowing when to go outside  and pick some flowers and,  when to do some chores;


mothers day, mothers art flowers, debi riley art, debiriley.com
Go Pick the Flowers



Knowing just how vital it really is, to  encourage the beginning efforts (new buds) with happy positive encouraging loving words and never words that will destroy the fragility of the tiny bud growing.




A Mother’s Life – don’t panic too soon.  We wisely pick those big battles;  save them, for when they are truly – a necessity.

And freely sprinkled later with liberal doses of love, hugs, forgiveness.



And don’t  forget to let them lick those beaters.   



With those treasured memories, a Mother’s Life  provides  an unrivalled art gallery filling the halls with beautiful moments.



A Mother’s Life is Art too.


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  1. A belated Happy Mother’s Day Debi. Just catching up as you can see. Always feel better for visiting you. I love your metaphor of the Gallery of Life filled with the beauty that only a mother can create. Wonderful 🙂

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    1. Well Said! I agree 100% V 🙂 Mother’s day is the day I feel like its me, who should be Thanking Them! 🙂 I am really, happy that you liked this post… its a great feeling! cheers, Debi

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