Lines of abstraction and Lines of uniqueness. The zebra is stamped with individuality. No two patterns are ever, replicated.  I Love that….. Nature is so clever!


black and white zebra design patterns, Perth Zoo,, debi riley art
Patterns Within


Perth Zoo

Discoveries made, with 2 excited explorer helpers, provided us all with lots of photos and a treasury of fun memories. Giraffe, brolga, tiger, hyena, wild dog, iguana and tortoise all had great designs and patterns that merit further study.


But it was the black and white patterning of the zebra that especially draws my interest. Why?

  •  the lines of abstraction  are so bold
  •  black and white, it  simplifies and compels
  •  the lines have variation within each one
  •  the pattern itself, has so much versatility as a Design
  •  I am a fan of equines




The processing of this photo involved a fair  bit cropping as you’d imagine. With additional blacking out of the background. Further emphasis on the contrasts, using “digital brushes” and tools was needed as well to enhance the shot.  Taken as just a ‘happy snap’ in a crowd, without the good lens – I wanted to optimise its assets as much as I could.




By concentrating on monochromatic,  black and white palettes I can intensify a design. If I get the design and pattern right – it will easily go from black and white to nearly any other color plus white.

Thus, I’ve tripled my use out of the one design!   Value, versatility.  Usefulness.



Nature provides a brilliant place to get ideas.  The Perth Zoo was perfect.