Vibrant, vivid, versatile!  Pastels,  actually  the  “Soft Pastels”   are brilliant learning tools for the beginner.  Why?  Their soft edges.  Their mark making power.   Combined with their sensitivity and their  immense range of techniques they can perform.    Amazing Pastels.

unison pastel landscape at dusk, mark making with pastels, debi riley art paintings, beginner drawing pastels,
Pastel Landscape at Dusk










A closer detail of the mark making line work of the pastels.

Mark Making with Unison Pastels, debi riley, beginners painting drawing tips,,
Pastel Mark Making





Soft Pastels

Today’s art time was spent using the soft pastels to lay down a foundation of warmth and creating some free, Expressive…… ‘wandering’  lines.    Calligraphic, zen, Wabi Sabi.

A Simple mark making exercise.  Nothing fancy, or complicated.




Pastel Artist


Margaret Parker Brown    initiated  the 31 Days of May painting challenge.


The very first painting I saw of hers…… I knew – she was at home, with the outdoors.

You can Feel It.

In her paintings.  Clear as day.

You just can not get that,  from duplicating a photograph.



Margaret is a kindred hiker.  A Walker.

A gifted pastelist.

She combines her wonderful pastel abilities with the  with the ability to convey the Spirit of the Land.

Landscapes painted from the heart.  Painted with heart.

Painted from years of intimate relationship….. of  Walking In Harmony With Nature.

Thats how you do it!

Margaret’s work is like a breath of Fresh Air!







Jacksons Art shop 

I found a wonderfully informative,  delightful site I thought most of you would like to go see.   Yes, its a shopping site;  but,  it has so much more really Intriguing and educational information!  Have a look!



Unison  pastels

We all have favorites.

These have been my personal fav  soft pastels since I discovered them decades ago at in Seattle at Daniel Smith art store whilst teaching my watercolor workshops there.

Blissfully like butter, creamy. They merge and blend into perfect transitions of color.

Pure Color.

Super saturation. Bright, vibrant. Gorgeous.     I Love them.


Found at  this is what they look like:

unison pastels
unison pastels







Just an update with the link to my friend Laura,  at     who is also taking on the 31 Days of May challenge.   I’d neglected to put this in yesterday’s post. My bad. Sorry.




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