Gorgeous and glittering greens in watercolor.

Deep Jade, emerald, teal, sage,  moss green, olive,  aquamarine,  viridian.  All of these wonderful variations, are just so lovely.

And, the process of mixing and creating your own watercolor greens is a rewarding, exciting roller coaster ride. But, we don’t always have to mix our own paint!


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Viridian Abstract Watercolor


Viridian Green Watercolor


Viridian watercolor  pg18   –  Identification.

This number “PG18”  found on the side of the tube,  it lets you know that the paint color is Pigment Green 18.

That is is The genuine pigment for viridian.

This lovely green watercolor paint is a transparent, its not a stainer.  So it is ‘softer’ and less intense and ‘shouty’  in a painting than  Phalo green, Sap green, Hookers green, etc. are.


As a Watercolor Beginner, I learned the hard way,  to look closer at my tubes of paint.

I discovered I had about 5 tubes of prussian blue,  4 brands of phalo blue, and several tubes I ‘thought’ were cobalt that were not!     They were cobalt ‘hues’  ie  ultramarine or phalo blue.  I wasn’t really overly happy at the waste of expense.


So now,  I look at the label on the tube before I buy to double check.  Its been a slow, long process, learning the paints.

But  I just made it easy at first and wrote down 2 to remember.

Then a couple weeks later 2 more, and so on. Easy Peasy.



I found books by  Michael Wilcox and Hilary Page very insightful.  The  Daniel Smith art store online information was also was a help.


Amazon has Michael Wilcox’s   Guide to Watercolors  book  

and  Hilary Page’s   Watercolor Guide    





Ways to Use Viridian Green


A Transparent paint,  Viridian pg18  makes a great glazing color due to its clarity and freshness. It really rarely makes mud. Its easy to remove off the paper when you need to, in case of oops!

It is a cool green and pairs up brilliantly with salmon pinks, lilacs, violets.


The  green and violet duo is a favorite cool and refreshing match up, that I love using.

cool purple watercolor textures, viridian green, teal, debiriley.com
Cool Purple watercolor



Viridian and Color Mixing


Impressionist watercolor wet in wet landscape, debi riley watercolor, mixing greens , debiriley.com
Soft Watercolor Landscape

If I’m trying to paint a more representation subject, say a  landscape –   then I wouldn’t  use viridian straight out of the tube.


Its best,  looks more ‘natural’  if  the viridian is tamed.


Tone it down with an earth color:

  •  raw umber
  • raw sienna
  • burnt sienna
  • raw umber, with ultramarine and viridian  makes  Delightful soft green hills
  • These are my usual “go to’s”   with  viridian green watercolor  mixes



Having said that,  I definitely do not need to be quite as vigorous with the taming when I use Viridian as when I use Phalo green, Hookers,  or  Sap green!


With those wild childs of green,  I really have to whack in to the earth colors to tone them down to get a more subtle effect.




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Viridian,  pg18  is my pick  over phalo green or sap green  as the more versatile, useful color – for me,  generally speaking.  I do paint a lot of impressionist landscapes, flowers and find it more amenable.

With abstracts I can….  and will,  uncap the loud, the brave, the shouters.  And roll the dice!