Beauty can surprise us as it peeps up just as we were about to discard it. Just have a Look! My bouquet, well and truly long spent and past its prime should have been binned more than a week ago.

pink Floral macro photograph,
Floral Friday


“Finely Aged,”  my flowers and leaves were falling off by the hour, making a right royal mess all over the kitchen table.   But, I delayed. It was sent by a loved one and I just couldn’t bear to part with it yet….


pink lily flower, macro photography,
Lily Center


Floral Beauty in Trash

Later this afternoon, I’d resolved that it was ‘trash time’ for my once glorious floral beauty.

However, before that final step I wanted to try to get some photographs as  ‘Keepsake Memories.’

You never never know, I might get lucky and get a nice floral motif shot.

And I don’t mind things that are imperfect, aged, withered, impermanent… as you might guess from my Zen series!


aged bouquet purple flowers, macro photo,
Fine Aged, Bouquet

I quite liked the complementary color pairing here with the violet purple and yellow green together. Along with a nice balance of soft and sharp edges, it intrigues.



To Simply… Play

The purple, lilacs, and pinky nuances of the photos made my artist’s hands itch within to create with some real tools!  So from a collage of photos and memory and feeling….. I began to play.

Just to explore some colors, media, and floral motif ideas.

To simply play.

It didn’t have to meet any criteria.


Floral motif, lilac purple painting,
Floral Motif

I played with watercolor and watersoluble inks.   Also, drawing with inks on a photocopied drawing on Masa paper.

Then using hard and soft pastels to color and emphasize specific areas.  Next I did some creative cropping.

I do love the square format.   Whacked it into the computer and revved up the saturation and contrast a bit.  Played with some details in there and recropped it.

It still has potential for more –  but for now I’ll just leave it.



A Bit Graphic

foliage in Lilac, digital painting,
Foliage In Lilac


Then,  in a purple mood,  leftover from Vibrant VIOLET,   I grabbed a foliage photo and recreated the image into a more graphic style with lilac dominant.

Just for fun, for Friday’s Photos.