Floral  Watercolor paintings created in a free and colorful impressionist approach; one is ‘hot’  and one is ‘cool.’   Cobalt Teal Blue pg50  Daniel Smith is my key ingredient….no surprise to many of you!


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Yesterdays Bouquet


Yesterday’s Bouquet,  has a pop of Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 watercolor paint as a perfect complement to the mass orange scarlet of the flowers painted from Floral Motif.

With all that scarlet,  this has a very warm temperature bias.


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Azaleas in CTB


These ‘Azaleas in CTB’, (cobalt teal blue pg50)   were  featured in my post  Spring Flowers Azaleas.

Spring Azaleas has a dominance of greens and blues, making this have a definite “Cool”  bias to it.


Can you tell the difference now between the 2;  warm vs.  cool?




Cobalt Teal Blue watercolor by Daniel Smith  is one of my best loved paints.







I find cobalt teal blue pg50,  so  Beguiling  and playful;     Magical  in the Mornings,  and versatile for just about anything I can imagine.


Try it…….

You’ll fall in love with cobalt teal blue too!