Cobalt Teal Blue in Flowers

debi riley watercolor for beginners, cobalt teal blue, daniel smith watercolors,

Floral  Watercolor paintings created in a free and colorful impressionist approach; one is ‘hot’  and one is ‘cool.’   Cobalt Teal Blue pg50  Daniel Smith is my key ingredient….no surprise to many of you!


debi riley watercolor for beginners, cobalt teal blue, daniel smith watercolors,
Yesterdays Bouquet


Yesterday’s Bouquet,  has a pop of Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 watercolor paint as a perfect complement to the mass orange scarlet of the flowers painted from Floral Motif.

With all that scarlet,  this has a very warm temperature bias.


watercolor cobalt teal blue pg50, azalea flower watercolor painting, watercolor for beginners,
Azaleas in CTB


These ‘Azaleas in CTB’, (cobalt teal blue pg50)   were  featured in my post  Spring Flowers Azaleas.

Spring Azaleas has a dominance of greens and blues, making this have a definite “Cool”  bias to it.


Can you tell the difference now between the 2;  warm vs.  cool?




Cobalt Teal Blue watercolor by Daniel Smith  is one of my best loved paints.







I find cobalt teal blue pg50,  so  Beguiling  and playful;     Magical  in the Mornings,  and versatile for just about anything I can imagine.


Try it…….

You’ll fall in love with cobalt teal blue too!







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29 thoughts on “Cobalt Teal Blue in Flowers

  1. I love Daniel Smith watercolors and that is the only brand I use. I’ll have to check out the Cobalt teal blue… is scrumptious! what do you mean by pg 50? am I missing something? You inspire me to learn to be more playful with watercolors. Maybe I should have a “Debi Riley inspired watercolor day” have you in mind and see what I come up with! 🙂

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    1. (RE pg50)
      signifies the ingredients a paint is made from….
      Pigment Green 50 pg50 this tells you its not! a hue. not a cheap substitute. manufacturers now list the Pigment # on the tube.
      we artists, need to educate ourselves to not use Fugitive paints, nor hues, filled with rubbish.
      imo cheers, Debi

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      1. now I understand….I have avoided that part of the “knowing” because it seemed so complicated. I need to get educated and start being aware. I do look at the ratings of permanence and whatnot but never the pigment # and understanding exactly what it ensues. Thank you for the clarification. 🙂

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    1. hi Anyushka, thank you, that is really sweet of you! it was a ‘loose moment’ LOL rebelling against too many jobs to do and not enough time. (like everyone else!!)

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  2. Truly beautiful… The azaleas are my favorite… great artwork, as always, dear Debi…
    Wishing you a very nice weekend ahead…. Enjoy it… Aquileana 🌟

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  3. Wonderful paintings Debi!
    I share your enjoyment of teal. Just love it. Funny isn’t it, how affected we are by colour?!
    The warm side beckons me 😜😜


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