What a delightful surprise arrived this week!


Best Blog Award, art blog nomination, debiriley.com
Best Blog Award


How exciting and how lovely!

This  “Best Blog Awards”  came from Aquileana at Aquileana.wordpress.com   La Audacia de Aquiles.

Aquileana  is a wonderfully gifted creative person with the most intriguing, easy to read and entertaining website blog on mythology.

Her articles never,  disappoint.



I was deeply touched and grateful Aquileana was inspired by my website and nominated it for the award.



I follow her site and in doing so, I also am introduced to many others that are engaging, unique and uplifting. Eva Xanthopoulos is a great example…..an author, a poet,  for exquisitely beautifully crafted words……       evapoetex.com



It is wonderful to know that there are others who connect, who share similar visions, thoughts and dreams.

Who Imagine too.


John Lennon,

“you may say I’m a dreamer…. but I’m not the only one… “





A beautifully well written blog,

thoroughly entertaining,


structured in an easy to read format,

making magic and

making……. mythology spark into Life!