Inspiration is Everything

inspiring color, abstracting photographs,

Inspiration is Everything!  Indigo infused with Violet and Teal,  Scarlet flecked with Coral, Mango and Crimson…I am in love with color.  And don’t these colors just make you feel alive?!

inspiring color, abstracting photographs,
Inspire Me


Inspire Me

What wonder, what Passion these colors evoke.

Colors inspire me, colors rouse the emotions.  Colors bring back to mind memories and feelings those memories evoked.   That’s the everything …to me.

Colors to stir the soul and Inspire the creative hands to …create.



Why Inspiration Matters

Formulas, recipes, steps, sequences,  processes, consequences.

For me…….The Chief Catalyst that results in an artwork is not  ‘the steps’ nor a recipe or formula.

Its not the  primary  how to.

Its not the details of ‘which tubes’ of paint I used, or what lens I had,  but rather the Spirit force inspiring,  behind the impulse.  In other words,  less about copying a formula.

More….. of  enthusiasm, spirit and freedom.



Mount Everest

In other words;   yes, we must be well prepared and we have to get onto the plane to get to Nepal in order to climb   “Sagarmatha”    Goddess of The Sky….. Mount Everest.

But,  there would be No Climb –  unless the spirit had vigorously moved us, inspired us monumentally,  to do so.

To get to the goal we wish for…. takes a lot of effort.  (And painting is like climbing Mount Everest.)

We will need a lot of Fuel and a lot of motivating inspiration to take us there.




What Inspired the Masters

If you go online and look at the art of  John Olsen,  Fred Williams,  Dale Chihuly… its clear these art masterpieces were inspired by their enthusiasm, the inspirations around them and their profound love of the freedom of color.

They enjoyed using Inspirations, as drivers, as motivators.

They had FUN using Inspiration as Fuel.





Inspiration of Color

These images are all about imagination and inspiration and evoking of wonder.

They ask of us to consider:   “What are the compelling forces driving the artist to create the thing being called into existence?”


I love using the Inspiration of color … the purity of emotion that colors can evoke.

I find in this rich scarlet and indigo/teals the finely balanced ratio that greets the eye….. in a nice silky spot.   ‘Just right.’



Origins of These Art Images


These digital paintings  began as strands upon the water,  their life started from water.  One photo from a nature walk provided me a moving compelling inspiration.

And then,  I took a ride upon my magic carpet.   Playing, imagining with color schemes that did not exist until I created them into being.  What fun.

I altered them,  from my imaginings.



Inspiration sparks and compels creation

There was passion, fun and enthusiasm in the making of these paintings.

The  photo, strands upon water played a role,  Vibrant  Violet,     Midnight of Eidolon surfaced as you can see,  tonal value contrast – as always, must participate,  and layers upon layers upon layers of earth and sky dust mingled as the eons go by – played another role to inspire me as well.



With “Goddess of the Sky,”   and the mingling of  earth and sky dust …. I set about playing with ultramarine blue and mossy greens.

Blue Waters Inspires, photo art,
Blue Waters Inspires



Recipes, lists, formulas,  being well prepared are certainly useful and helpful things.


But,  it is the Why –  that begins and compels a creation through to the finish line.

Inspiration is Everything!



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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

57 thoughts on “Inspiration is Everything

  1. These are beautiful. I’m fascinated by the threads and the drops, like pearls. The first seems to me like lava flowing from some of those volcanoes that are misbehaving. The blue part hasn’t been reached yet by the molten rock. The other picture says ocean, earth, and sky to me, but it could work upside down too and have the ocean be dark green and the sky blue. Either way it’s beautiful with those pearly droplets all over it.

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    1. you have a marvellous, way with words! a wonderful magic carpet!! thank you for sharing your thoughts on these, I love hearing how you – interpret the art!!!

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  2. You always inspire me with your posts. I agree sometimes it feels like climbing Mount Everest when I work at my work and yet, it provokes emotion and spirit to trudge on up. Lovely little paintings!

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    1. thank you so much Margaret! and with your posts and your photos, I am also inspired…. I don’t get to do as much nature walking/hiking as I used to; but I feel – almost there – in your blog 🙂

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    1. thank you Mary!
      I’m happy that you find my posts (most) …my words there……
      inspiring. Thats what I wish for and aim for, so that is encouraging to hear!!

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  3. Deb you are right color makes me feel alive! To me these echo landscapes for sure, But they also seem to mimic sounds waves…interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. hi Heather, thank you for that! I hadn’t thought of the sound waves, and now.. thats all I see ! We are all so amazingly different – it always fascinates me.

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      1. Our differences fascinate me too. I look at people and often ponder what is happening in their lives, how do they see the world, what are they thinking? I am so interested in people, that is probably why I work on portraits more than anything. What I find so awesome is that each one of us can speak through our work (like yours does) and if one stops to allow that work to speak, then it is possible to be touched by the artist which is powerful…that is what I see in your work.
        I just realized why it takes me so long to respond…I don’t want to give just a short acknowledgement, I thrive on the fullness of words, the discussion, the interaction just as much as the musing of artwork. 🙂

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      2. boy, you said it! My grandmother used to say to me, “still waters, run deep.” I was a bit young to ‘get it.’
        I do agree with you about brief little acknowledgements. They can seem surface only. With the fullness of words, we truly acknowledge the other.
        Heather, Thank you. I loved reading your thoughts, comments.


    1. Thank You Jodi!! that is so lovely of you to say 🙂 And the threads… they were on the water, strands, already there! I just was lucky enough, to have paused and then Saw them. did you go to the link on ‘strands’ you will see!

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    1. Thank you Laura!!! its different 🙂 yes. I kind of did a run thru about the process, in the post. so when you get a chance – after resting!!! have a quick look. but Basically: a walk. a photo. cropping. color alterations. and it is all digital.

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    1. thank you Sharon!
      I must thank teaching for this! Teaching has had many rewards and this is another.
      I’ve learned to look so much closer and from every angle, to find the Possibilities within the students’ art, that its now second nature to do so. even in my own…usually! lol

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  4. Oh Debi thank you I loved to read this post one of the most insightful! I loved to read what inspire and fuel you with your beautiful creativity! Your beautiful images have lots of possibility because the way you created them. Because from one you can create many others with different mood and meaning, is like the never ending story of your own creativity and that’s fantastic to me! I love them the strands, the fusion of the colors they all brings different impressions and feelings and you wrote this post beautifully! ❤

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  5. Digital Art is something that I love to work with very much, because the creative elements, creative power and unlimited possibilities! Is amazing what is possible to create. When I am not with brushes and pens I create in digital!

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    1. I so love that Andrew!!
      I may just have to add that into my about page or somewhere, lol 🙂
      Thank you, so very much for that as I deeply appreciate that comment.

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  6. I think I might know what you mean. Sometimes I am just walking allong the street near my home and I see a car in a vivid colour. I just can’t stop looking at it. Sometimes it’s sunlight shining through leaves, sometimes is this grey purple in the clouds when a storm is coming. Colour does something to me – I am often swept away by it.

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    1. yes… for years, I was bothered by how others viewed my ‘creativity’ – now, I think I’m just too old to really care that much any more what they think! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Sally! I’m glad that you’re enjoying this approach to the website! I needed to do informative and educational; but just had to do it informal. Thanks again, for your comment. Cheers, Debi 🙂

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