Snippets of Vibrant- Teals and Lilacs

cobalt teal blue, lilac, violet purple, soft background, mixed media, digital art,

A much needed rest day today was a lucky happenstance.


cobalt teal blue, lilac, violet purple, soft background, mixed media, digital art,
Snippets of Vibrant


Fun Art and Digital Painting

A combination of lovely lilac watercolor backgrounds,  snippets of vibrant teal foliage from around the gardens,  collaging,  and some digital change ups and cropping.


Watercolor Backgrounds

I enjoyed having a play with the soft focus watercolor backgrounds. Then, overlaying on top some  vibrant teal foliage shapes.  Creating nice patterns and great negative spaces.


The process of the piece involved viewing my blog, actually.

Starting off by looking at the post Vibrant Violet which then prompted me to also look at Simply,   with its 2 photos there especially the pairing of lilac purple violet with the teal and Whispers On The Wind.


Color Snippet Pairings

I was quite drawn today to the color pairing of Teal with Violet- Lilac today.

Perhaps,  my sheer exhaustion from yesterday’s marathon at the zoo all day long,  might have had a part to play with my color choices.

At any rate,  The colors and patterns are vibrant where I wished and nicely soft focus in the back. Happy enough.






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  1. Time out is something we all need just to catch our breath, take stock, look back, look forward and then recharged we’re off again 🙂 I’m just about ready myself to get back to those brushes, tubes and pots 🙂

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