With these hands.  The World is held within our hands.

tough create hands, photos, debiriley.com

We express, we touch, we love, we create, we share, we build.

With these hands.


What,  can these hands create……….


Building with these hands, photo, debiriley.com
Building With These Hands

We can move mountains.



We can Build bridges.

Create hope.  Instill trust.   Share imagination.  Lend a helping hand.

loving hands, with these hands, debiriley.com
Loving Hands


with these hands, love, touch, create, debiriley.com
With These Hands


So uniquely expressive, these hands.

expressive hands, photograph debiriley.com
The Hand



hands in repose, debiriley.com



With These Hands……….


sorrow of hands, debiriley.com
Sorrow of Hands



embrace of hands, love, debiriley.com
Embrace of Joy
love holds hands, debiriley.com
Love Holds Hands




With these hands.

love, hope, joy, imagination, art, a better future.


hands of the future, debiriley.com
hands of the future