Snippets of making progress.

ocean waters painting, snippet,
Ocean Waters


Art is a practice


Learning is hard work.

Just because it seems I sagely sit and give counsel on how to improve watercolor and painting skills doesn’t mean that I do not face the very same set of challenges and frustrations everyone does when I too set my hand to new uncharted territories.



It isn’t so much the painting part I am referring to.

Is more my new ‘art shop’, designs, pixels, templates, scans, computer things.  These are still Greek.

In one ear. And out the other. My only hope is that if I repeat the processes often enough, that eventually….. I will see some glimmer of light.

Some evidence of progress.


copper art snippet, collage,
Copper Snippet

And much like the Beginner Watercolorist,  I see other’s work efforts that are so much more polished.  So much more…..

I sigh.  I think, their shops, their photos, their things, are “good enough.”   And they do it so effortlessly! I sigh again.   Perhaps, like many of you?


droplets watercolor art snippets,
Droplets Snippets


Snippets of a Breakthrough


Yesterday,  I had a breakthrough.

I did see a tiny shimmer.  A glimmer.

Slim, but there,  evidence of progress in the quality of my efforts.  After countless hours, in the studio and office practicing.

There – I saw it! Society 6 paintings sale
In Love, watercolor painting Society6

This…is how the final product can look. Once it has been matted and framed in the ‘shop.’ This…is an encouragement tool;  it is an evidence of progress.



I know better than to compare my efforts to others’ who have been doing a task for much longer than I.   And yet,  yes,  I still do it.

I know, I need to keep my eye and mind firmly fixed on  whether or not Week by Week,  I see any evidence at all of improvements.


Rome,  was not built in a day. Press on.