What does a cat, a copper pot and some purple shadows have to do with art?

The cat of course is my muse,  she thinks she is at least. Her name is Riley…. don’t ask. Riley is a wonderful helper. She leaves decorative prints across my canvas in lovely colorful designs if I forget to put the paints away.  “Just helping, you know.”   Yes, Riley  – I do know.

cat whiskers shadows, photo, debiriley.com
Her Shadow

As the sun crept up, she became intrigued with her shadows…staring intently. It caught my eye.

And thus, ‘shadows’  became my Obsession as well.     Thank you Riley, my muse.


Copper and violet shadows, photograph, debiriley.com
Copper Bottoms in Violet

Shadows in Violet and Blues

The early morning autumn sun rises slower and cooler, leaving odd colored shadows upon the old copper bottomed pot.

Just so you know……I would not have paid this any attention at all, had I not been alerted  to ‘shadows’ by my muse earlier.

Standing adjacent, is a richly hued ultramarine rimmed glass, throwing purple-blues across the copper as  reflected lights.



Digitally Enhanced Art

A quick play and some cropping, created a fun and abstract version of my Copper Bottom Shadows in Violet.

violet shadows, digital art photo, debiriley.com
Violet Shadows


Watching the shadows play as I drank my morning coffee contemplating the topic for Silly Saturday. What was right for today?




Return to Purple Violet

I am drawn back to the purple washes from last Silly Saturday’s Vibrant violet watercolor.

Wanting to revitalize and change things up.  I head for the studio to get my matts out.

And, this is the altered version.


shadows of violets, purples, painting, debiriley.com


Contemplating Shadows

I started off today, thinking about the mysteries in shadows. Then how colors like lilacs, lavenders, violets can enhance that feeling more.

As I progressed along, I began to also consider tones, shapes and light to create the Atmosphere, mood and the feeling I wish to create.


In order to arrive at the new destination,  ie  the above image “Mysteries”  I used several matts to compose new designs.

I used every type and size, from Ovals, circles, triangles, squares.

Cropping  in numerous different formats to see what might happen.  What could I create with another fresh perspective?



What I learned today

  • cats do help!
  • silly saturday is for fun,  no pressure, not  results
  • left out dishes can become art
  • “Be Not Afraid”  just give it a go
  • no one can dictate to the artist/creator that its not ‘good enough’
  • courage  Is Always  Good Enough!!