Spring, Remembered

Spring remembered,fields flower photo, debiriley.com

In the words of the Master artist Picasso,

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

So yes,  How do ‘grown ups’  do that?

Spring remembered,fields flower photo, debiriley.com



Memories of a Time, or Place

Memories trigger feelings.

Feelings are what moves a child. These are the things that unlocks the child’s artist. Picasso realised that.



Perhaps, Spring is the best time of year for artists to look back, to remember their childhood days to gain inspiration, motivation.


Spring Time growing up.

A time of boundless imagination.

The feelings of energy and bright sunny warmth after a long winter’s confinement released all those wonderful creative impulses.


Thinking back, on our lovely Spring days, can trigger the same feelings of youthful enthusiasm and energy and spark and ‘magic’ we had back then.

Did we picnic in fields of grasses and daisies; go fishing out on the pond late in the afternoons; play hide and seek; run flat out, just ‘because’;  climb the tallest tree and shout down to the ants below; bask in the sun’s delicious touch?

spring magic in the forest, photo forest, debiriley.com
Forest Magic in Spring


Spring Time Imagination

As a child, the forest in Spring was an enchanted magical place…. where imagination ran wild, unbounded.


Imagination was our   magic carpet.  

And on our magic carpet we were completely Free to go where ever our dreams could take us.



Spring Tulips Remembered

Have a look……  can you nearly smell them?

Their petals are satin soft, like kitten ears. Imagine greeting these in early Spring, as a tiny child might. These vast gardens of tall tulips are as a jungle of colors weaving around you.

Why, they are half the size of you!

Can you Feel Something now?!


spring tulips remembered, pink tulip photo, debiriley.com
Spring Tulips Remembered


Picasso was right.   And I believe that every one of us is yet still, an artist.

Now, all we have to do is Remember what it felt like to be a child again.

To remember those same feelings of magic, of possibilities, of no fear, of joy, of endless imaginations,  of enthusiasm.



Embrace the feelings that the child does,  and we will once more embrace our true artist self.



This Spring,  remember the Spring times before.

Your magic carpet awaits.




My deepest appreciation to my mother, my father, Jan Vincent, Don Playter and Grandma Nick who shared with me living insights into how to retain the exquisite magic of a child, while yet being a ‘grown up’ with bills to pay and jobs to do.


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36 thoughts on “Spring, Remembered

  1. Thank you Debi for the look through a child’s eyes. I’m enjoying a new look of creativity by watching my 5 year old grand daughter create.

    I taught art to kids for 5 years and it was such an eye opening inspirational time. I was always in awe of the kids visions. One session I had twin sisters who made art together. They didn’t speak when they created, they would just work on the art piece together, it was a beautiful dance. I’ll never forget them.

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    1. that is so amazing Sharon; you were fortunate to have that time, with those special girls. And – they were very lucky, to have had you, as their mentor!! Children are smile bringers, well, mostly.lol

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  2. I will try to remember this every day and hold it close: “To remember those same feelings of magic, of possibilities, of no fear, of joy, of endless imaginations, of enthusiasm.” thank you Debi

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  3. I’ll have to caress a tulip next time I see one! 🙂 The deer eat them greedily, so I don’t see them very often around here. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy looking at yours!

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  4. a wonderful moving post, Debi. I specially love these words: Imagination was our magic carpet. And on our magic carpet we were completely Free to go where ever our dreams could take us.
    Imagination can be a magic carpet but sometimes it’s the only way to survive. Your daisy photo is really very appealing. Small things can be so beautiful. By the way, I used this quote from Picasso, too, some time ago, because I liked it. Have a nice day , kind regards Mitza

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    1. thank you dear Mitza! Your words are so true, the carpet….makes life place we can survive & even flourish in. Picasso’s quote is so powerful, no wonder we love it so. 🙂 SUNNY Days, for you!

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      1. Thanks a lot for your good wishes for sunny days and for appreciating what I wrote. Unfortunately it’s raining cats and dogs and I have to go to a fleamarket on Sunday to sell some things, so please squeeze your thumbs for sun on Sunday. (Why does that day have the name Sun-day?) 😉

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      2. You brought me luck, it was a wonderful weather today, thanks, Debi. I’m terribly tired, got up at 04.30 h in the morning and was outside all day long by myself. Sigh

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      3. It was hard earned little money, sitting there in the morning with 34 F wasn’t that funny. It started slowly and sometimes when you thought the people would buy something after talking for half an hour, they went away. But I will continue.

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