Fresh Spring Watercolor Azaleas

fresh spring, watercolor azalea painting,

Spring is such a lively, energised time of the year!  Glorious bursts of bright yellow green dot the landscape as fresh new buds pop out.

fresh Spring azaleas watercolor, painting,
Spring Azaleas in Watercolor



fresh spring, watercolor azalea painting,
New Spring Azaleas, Debi Riley    Society 6 debiriley 


Spring Watercolor Fun!

What fun it was to splash, mix the paints and create a bright, colorful and Light drenched watercolor painting of these Spring Azaleas.

Our gardens when we lived in the Pacific Northwest, were always overflowing with azaleas and rhododendrons every new Spring!



  • Arches Watercolor paper cold press
  • Rekab 320s  squirrel watercolor brush
  • Daniel Smith Watercolor paints
  • cobalt teal blue pg50
  • quinacridone gold
  • indigo
  • Skewer
  • toothbrush

Fresh Spring Watercolor Azaleas

My Creation Process

I painted on dry paper to start off with, changing later to just dampening the paper a little bit in some discreet areas.

Using the Rekab’s ultra mini fine point to draw and paint the flower shapes with my lovely cobalt teal.  The leaves were painted next. Then I used the skewer, dipping it inside my Daniel Smith Indigo watercolor tube,  and flicked in a couple of the stamens.

Final touches were an old toothbrush for some textural relief, splatter.

I needed to fine tune  an area by dampened and adding a dash of color here and there; which then completed the Watercolor Spring Azaleas design.


fresh spring azalea painting, cobalt teal blue pg50,
Spring Azalea Mug   Society 6 debiriley 


Loving how my creation,  looks in the  hand carry purse and the mug especially.

I was pleased with my inspirations, motivations as well as the result of all that, my final image!



My new design,  “Spring Watercolor Azaleas”   is now marketed  with  the online shop Society 6 debiriley.


Don’t forget Mother’s Day!  There are lots of other Debi Riley designs as Gift Ideas in this range!!





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36 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Watercolor Azaleas

    1. the option….
      is now available. It is good, because now people can pick and choose prices, types of products without buying The Original painting.
      I like it as Society 6 does all the shipping and billing! awesome.

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      1. Thank you, so very much Margaret! that is lovely that you went & had a look at my designs available now Society 6 !
        Yes, I certainly will add more designs; but, it takes (me) soo long to get them on the right way… so it will be 1-2 at a time. Slowly. 🙂
        thanks again for having a Look! Debi

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  1. The Spring Azaleas reproduce beautifully on the Society 6 products. I love the new little pouches, but I also like the the large tote.
    Thank you for explaining your process using unconventional tools.

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    1. I’m so pleased you went over there Sharon and had a look; thank you! !
      Starting this & learning computer pixel (Greek to me) stuff…. isn’t my cup of tea
      – so it is good to get other opinions on how it looks.

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  2. that’s really a wonderful design that fits for a lot of things for people that like these colors. Really good ideas, Debi. Hope you are fine, we’re having a little sun, cheers Mitza

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    1. sun! Good for You Mitza 🙂 finally, some warmth for you.
      Thank you Mitza for your comment; I’ve been asked to get this done for some time now & have prints, cards available….


    1. thank you so much Jennifer!! yes, I’m on Society6; I just started…knowing little, about the tech side which slows me down further. But I’ll get there. learn as I go. I did like this one though 🙂

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  3. I just LOVE your creations, Debi. They depict freedom, and space and JOY, and the preciousness of Life. Your talent moves me. Thank you so much for sharing what you create here. ❤

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  4. Debi….I accidently trashed your latest comment on my last post on Bullards….I had two windows open, answered your comment in one and then went back to the other window because it was sticking on me. So I deleted it and bam, it went totally missing! I loved your comment and it really touched my heart. Of all the comments to delete! I have no idea how to undo the damage done but I wanted to acknowledge your wonderful comment. Lol it has been a long day I think!

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    1. It is an “international” online shop; so, they do have artist/designers from across the globe!! check it out 🙂 it is not, an Australian only shop!!!


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