A Watercolor Collage of papers, bright bold with ragged torn edges. Undulating shapes that could be hills and foliage layering the landscape in vibrant violet.

Watercolor Collage, silly saturday, debiriley.com
Watercolor Collage


Watercolor Collage

Silly Saturday has not finished yet in my two part Saturday series- Vibrant Violet Watercolors first and  this Silly Watercolor Collage tagging along!


Silly Saturday is just a fun day for making art.

These Saturday posts are filled with creative, out of the box,  whacky art images and ideas. The idea is just to show up for a good time!

If, anything happens that I learn from great. If I get a bonus gift of some ‘result’  thats good too!




My inspiration for the Silly Saturday Watercolor Collage:


  • Vibrant Violet,  part 1 of Silly Saturday
  • my recent bushwalk that was dull brown and nearly monochromatic,
  • a plethora of my favorite watercolor papers to play with,
  • and the fun of ripping and tearing!




I love collage especially with wc papers I have painted on.  In the studio I regularly play with them, almost like playing with crossword puzzles.

watercolor collage, daniel smith watercolours, debiriley.com
Serpentine Collage

However, they really don’t get featured on my site so much,  as they are quite abstract. Very shape oriented.

And to be honest,  Non representational artworks just don’t have nearly the popularity  that  an easy to identify  Tree, Boat, Flower, Sky  will have.


But,  I still absolutely love them!