Ways with Watercolor continues with more ideas on altering formats and designs, but this time with previous paintings of trees.

a way with watercolors, trees, debiriley.com
A Place Not Yet


Ways With Watercolor  – Trees

This first painting in near monochromatic palette was a long horizontal originally. It did not work that way.  It does better in the square format.

Small trees in silhouette, are suggested in a very Zen,  wabi sabi way.

This painting was from my imagination; it was a place I wanted to go, but hadn’t been to yet.  On a recent trip to Albany, Western Australia I discovered the near exact view of my imaginary dreamscape years before.

It would be a good place to live,  with its green lush fields and cool temperate climate!

photo of albany, WA, ways with watercolor, debiriley.com
A Place Seen



Trees in Watercolor – More

All of these watercolor tree paintings needed a little cropping, a new format, some softening of edges, perhaps even a focal point.   As you saw in Ways with Watercolor, with the floral painting by changing into a square format it gave it a much more interesting look.

Fir Trees, watercolor ways, abstract painting, debiriley.com
Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky- also has been resolved with the cropping into a new format and enlivening the depth of saturation via cold wax medium.

golden tree reflections, watercolor painting, debiriley.com
Golden Lake Reflected

Golden Lake was cropped along all four sides, but quite abit on the right.  A rewetting and and melting pale wash of quinacridone gold and prussian blue pb27 mix nearly finished it.  I still need to return once it is completely dry and then will need to do a softer and more subtle ‘green yellow.’   I’m not liking the stark sharpness of the quin. gold.  Its too abrupt.


watercolor trees in cerulean, debiriley.com
Soft light Upon the Trees

Soft Light  needed further cropping into a more vertical format along with smudging of edges that were too dark and sharp; as they were too distracting to my eye.




Tree Texture Ways

The Following tree image is really ‘reference source’  showing ways with watercolor to create tree textures and to enhance the background naturally.


tree techniques watercolor, debiriley.com
Tree Techniques

In this sample,   the tree trunk itself was done by using several layers of dry brush technique.

The Background,  was created with a simple Charging technique. A pale wash of blue all over first, then dripped down some grey green part way, then a bit lower burnt sienna.  The green yellow was tapped into the wash quickly while damp.


Wet in Wet or Charging

The first painting shown,   A Place Not Yet,    had its sky created with a wet into wet technique.

The secret is…. It is a different way, than the charging.   As wet in wet is begun dampening the paper with fresh clean water.  Charging…you use a pale wash of color to cover the area.



watercolor ways trees, debiriley.com
Autumn Watercolor

“Autumn Watercolor Trees”

will be an upcoming addition to my debiriley shop at Society 6


Enjoy your Wednesday Watercolors!!