A wonderful thing about watercolors…. you can crop them to create seemingly miraculous recoveries!

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Floral White


I posted this Gordonia Watercolor painting some time ago, in its original format. But it has niggled at me. Annoyingly so.


Liking the freedom of the white flower, the blue and golden orange combo I was reluctant to ditch it.

I decided to alter it quite radically into a square format and I love it now!


debiriley at Society 6, white floral watercolor, debiriley.com
Society 6 debiriley


This painting is now available as canvas prints, cards, tote bags, pillows, and plus + at the shop I’ve started with:  debiriley at Society 6 


I have more….. WIPs   to go into the shop over the next several weeks;

including this color filled phone cover design from my  Monday’s Medley. 


debiriley iphone design, society 6, debiriley.com
Iphone Design at Society 6



Why did the Square format work better? 

  • There were too many hard sharp edges leading Out of the picture, that needed elimination.
  • I had failed to soften my perimeter edges.
  • The green foliage and the blue vase were too over whelming for the prior design format.


With Watercolors, it is fairly easy to make format alterations after the fact.

Don’t forget that the Ways we can change the watercolor painting format include: Squares, Ovals, Circles, Panoramics, Long thin Verticals, Tryptychs, and other types as well.