Monday’s Third Medley

Warm golden petals unfurling create a medley of abstract and interlocking shapes and designs. Drawing you nearer. Hugging you closer.

medley of yellow rose, photo,
Third Medley


My favorite color of rose has always been a warm golden yellow. The color evokes a warm, cheery inviting feeling but it energises as well.


golden medley rose petals,
Rose Golden Petals

When the flower is nearly at its midpoint in its blooming, not quite fully opened, Β I find it a delightful mystery of petals curling and curving about.


A medley of gorgeous graceful, golden petals that create an entrancing design.

Perfect for Monday’s Third Medley of color. Β Pure Color!






    • my bad… I neglected to indicate!
      These roses were photos, taken from – yes, the neighbor’s garden. Need a new tag called, “Neighbor’s Garden” photos πŸ™‚ Thank You David! cheers, Debi

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  1. I love Flowers anytime, anywhere!!..Beautiful post and potography Debi!!.. Zen flowers, Monday’s L O V E LY .!!. Eagerly springing back on course, with such happy colour .. As Always Joanne πŸ’š

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