Monday’s Third Medley

Warm golden petals unfurling create a medley of abstract and interlocking shapes and designs. Drawing you nearer. Hugging you closer.

medley of yellow rose, photo,
Third Medley


My favorite color of rose has always been a warm golden yellow. The color evokes a warm, cheery inviting feeling but it energises as well.


golden medley rose petals,
Rose Golden Petals

When the flower is nearly at its midpoint in its blooming, not quite fully opened, Β I find it a delightful mystery of petals curling and curving about.


A medley of gorgeous graceful, golden petals that create an entrancing design.

Perfect for Monday’s Third Medley of color. Β Pure Color!





48 thoughts on “Monday’s Third Medley

    1. my bad… I neglected to indicate!
      These roses were photos, taken from – yes, the neighbor’s garden. Need a new tag called, “Neighbor’s Garden” photos πŸ™‚ Thank You David! cheers, Debi

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      1. hehe, you should be photographed doing this, must look funny. I’m sure the Oz neighbours don’t mind at all. Just imagine 2 years ago a German exchange student was in Montana and looked into the garage of somebody and got shot – dead.

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      2. one is more aware of all the guns in the US while living there. And, even here, I do not do Silly things. my back neighbor BIG boy was deeply defensive today when I’d asked softly, gently if it was possible to turn his music down by 1-2 notches? ! sigh…

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      3. I have the same neighbours, Debi. Once I had to listen for 7 hours ! for the bass of my neighbour’s techno music. I nearly god insane. With stupidity even the gods struggle in vain, sigh

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      4. I’d need morphine for the 7 hours. yes….my eye is still in spasms from it, I kid you not. He did tho, turn it Way down after I spoke Kindly to him. so, thats good.

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      5. you were lucky. I tried to speak to this guy several times, but he says this is the music of his generation and has to be heard loud and his mother bought an expensive radio station etc. After 7 hours I couldn’t decide if I buy a gun or jump from the balcony to kill myself just to have a little silence, hehe
        He can be happy that playing alphorn at 02.00h at night doesn’t belong to my generation. But maybe it did, hehe

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      6. Good grief! its not like we Want to go confront someone either 😦 we are desperate by that point. That kind of head banger music is geared to incite the ‘energies’ ie aggressions. I was lucky, that he wasn’t on drugs. I hear you on the Balcony business, lol

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      7. If people had talent and hobbies they wouldn’t take drugs and hear head banger music. In a way they are poor devils that don’t find any real deep sense in life.

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      8. I had so much work on the weekend and couldn’t decide yet what to post. But I was busy with some pieces of jewellery which takes quite a time to finish. I met a wonderful woman who loves my jewellery and I made her a pendant out of an old silver fork-handle and she got another pendant from me. I got an old art nouveau brooch from Danmark from her in return. Cheers Mitza

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  1. I love Flowers anytime, anywhere!!..Beautiful post and potography Debi!!.. Zen flowers, Monday’s L O V E LY .!!. Eagerly springing back on course, with such happy colour .. As Always Joanne πŸ’š

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