Monday’s Medley of Color

Monday’s Medley of Color

It is a Return to regular programming, Monday morning magic is back! I’m sharing a medley of bright and floral colors, paintings, flowers I’ve gathered together in 3 posts today. Each, suits the mood perfectly for my Monday, how about yours?!


Medley of Color I


Field of flowers

A magical  medley amidst a field of everlastings….. enchanting!

Medley of flowers, photo,
In the Midst of Medley



Soft Pink Curves

Monday’s morning light, filtering softly upon the sweet curves of ….the neighbor’s,

hibiscus.  But who could possibly resist such loveliness?


medley of petal curves, photo,
Sweet Curves






22 thoughts on “Monday’s Medley of Color

    1. thanks! yes each of the images in the 3 Medley posts today were linked… yet subtly distinct.
      It was that reason, I chose the 3 posts, in one day.
      Which, I have not done before!! 🙂

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