Cobalt Teal Blue ushers in a return to Silly Saturday!  This relaxed mixed media abstract painting seems to float and drift peacefully across the paper.

silly string, cobalt teal blue pg50,
Drifting Cobalt Teal


Silly Art Fun on a Saturday


I had this painting waiting, for the finish of the long Zen Series.

And it is actually meant to be viewed after reading and seeing the 7 Days of Zen series.



I thought this painting would be a wonderful end note for Zen,  as well as a signal of the ‘start up’   for returning to regular programming of my posts.

Silly Saturdays,


Watercolor Wednesdays,

Friday Photos all shall resume.



My Plan

I wanted a light, airy, spacious image that evoked a feeling of peace and summer drifting by… perhaps on a lake or river.

Something simple, suggestive, soothing and serene.



Materials used

Acrylic Paints….

Pearl Silver

Cobalt Teal Blue

Naples Yellow

Cerulean Blue

Golden  paints  Fluid


Brayer   Holbein professional

Thin Cord

Glass plate

Japanese rice paper



Simple Technique

The paints were rolled onto the glass, then brayered onto the paper.  With the thin cord laid down first to act as a stencil like resist.


By having a look at the Zen series,  its easy to see how those wabi sabi elements have been integrated into this softly spoken image.