Only in Stillness can I see, can I hear….the whisper thin song of the predawn cricket that fades into silence as the sun breaches the far horizon.  There, in that space of time I have found a subtle and delicate grace and beauty.

Beautiful findings, zen wabi sabi,
In Stillness



beautiful findings, abstract painting, zen,
SunBreaching Horizon


Such Beautiful Findings.

Delight the soul.

Inspire the creative mind and free one’s heart and hands to release the magic inside.



Subtle Grace, Subtle Beauty

Beautiful Findings  in Zen,  is Yugen –  one of the elements of Wabi Sabi,   part 6 of the 7 Days of Zen Series.

Yugen –  “dim, deep, mysterious”  and “that which values the power to Evoke rather than state it directly.”

yugen wabi sabi, subtle beauty,
The Deep Beauty


YUGEN  can be described as beauty that is

  • Implied
  • Suggested
  • Inferred
  • Alluded to
  • Hinted at


It is a beauty found.  A beauty discovered.

A beauty that hasn’t been spelled out with many words,  nor been told with a great deal of many brushstrokes.


And so,  if it is a  beauty found  then it means I must Look to Find.





other examples

I see within each of these listed below, a sense of the Yugen quality,  the inferred suggestion of a deeper beauty:

JW Turner, Rothko, Clarice Beckett, Elise Blumann and  Haiku  especially Matsuo Basho and Kobayashi Issa.





Beautiful Findings of Clarice Beckett


clarice beckett, beautiful findings,
Clarice Beckett

Clarice Beckett was born 1887 in Victoria,  Australia and died age 48 in 1935.

A woman whose beautiful and sensitive oil paintings were only ‘found’ after she had died, with most of her works left unprotected in an old shed to decay.

A gifted oil painter, she gave up most of her precious time for art, to look after her ailing parents needing full time care. She eked out wafers of time, either just at dawn or late evening – when her family chores were not required.

Many of her paintings reflect these foggy misty periods of the day in Victoria, Australia.





Finding ….Elise Blumann

I found these lovely haunting and evocative words by the artist Elise Blumann.

Born in Germany, she moved with her family to Perth, finding peace from the war as WWII was just starting.


“The sound of a violin glides

through the house,

lonely –

there is just the violin and me.”



Just 17 words.

That are filled with such deep and mysterious beauty,  I’m completely awed.







YUGEN,   is probably my most favored of the 7 Wabi Sabi elements.

I simply love the trying to master the fine art of inference and suggestion. I aspire to gain the skills in this to create beauty for others to find  rather than my having to spell it out.


The 7 Days of Zen Series, based on the Japanese art principle “Wabi Sabi”  is nearly finished, with just one more to go.

Wabi Sabi  can be described very  briefly as:  “finding beauty in the imperfect, the unfinished and the impermanent.”

So far I’ve shared my personal interpretations of the Wabi Sabi approach to:  Freedom, Tranquility, Asymmetry, Natural, Weathered and how they harmonize together making art a wonderful relaxing experience.