Beautiful Findings – Zen VI

beautiful findings, abstract painting, zen,

Only in Stillness can I see, can I hear….the whisper thin song of the predawn cricket that fades into silence as the sun breaches the far horizon.  There, in that space of time I have found a subtle and delicate grace and beauty.

Beautiful findings, zen wabi sabi,
In Stillness



beautiful findings, abstract painting, zen,
SunBreaching Horizon


Such Beautiful Findings.

Delight the soul.

Inspire the creative mind and free one’s heart and hands to release the magic inside.



Subtle Grace, Subtle Beauty

Beautiful Findings  in Zen,  is Yugen –  one of the elements of Wabi Sabi,   part 6 of the 7 Days of Zen Series.

Yugen –  “dim, deep, mysterious”  and “that which values the power to Evoke rather than state it directly.”

yugen wabi sabi, subtle beauty,
The Deep Beauty


YUGEN  can be described as beauty that is

  • Implied
  • Suggested
  • Inferred
  • Alluded to
  • Hinted at


It is a beauty found.  A beauty discovered.

A beauty that hasn’t been spelled out with many words,  nor been told with a great deal of many brushstrokes.


And so,  if it is a  beauty found  then it means I must Look to Find.





other examples

I see within each of these listed below, a sense of the Yugen quality,  the inferred suggestion of a deeper beauty:

JW Turner, Rothko, Clarice Beckett, Elise Blumann and  Haiku  especially Matsuo Basho and Kobayashi Issa.





Beautiful Findings of Clarice Beckett


clarice beckett, beautiful findings,
Clarice Beckett

Clarice Beckett was born 1887 in Victoria,  Australia and died age 48 in 1935.

A woman whose beautiful and sensitive oil paintings were only ‘found’ after she had died, with most of her works left unprotected in an old shed to decay.

A gifted oil painter, she gave up most of her precious time for art, to look after her ailing parents needing full time care. She eked out wafers of time, either just at dawn or late evening – when her family chores were not required.

Many of her paintings reflect these foggy misty periods of the day in Victoria, Australia.





Finding ….Elise Blumann

I found these lovely haunting and evocative words by the artist Elise Blumann.

Born in Germany, she moved with her family to Perth, finding peace from the war as WWII was just starting.


“The sound of a violin glides

through the house,

lonely –

there is just the violin and me.”



Just 17 words.

That are filled with such deep and mysterious beauty,  I’m completely awed.







YUGEN,   is probably my most favored of the 7 Wabi Sabi elements.

I simply love the trying to master the fine art of inference and suggestion. I aspire to gain the skills in this to create beauty for others to find  rather than my having to spell it out.


The 7 Days of Zen Series, based on the Japanese art principle “Wabi Sabi”  is nearly finished, with just one more to go.

Wabi Sabi  can be described very  briefly as:  “finding beauty in the imperfect, the unfinished and the impermanent.”

So far I’ve shared my personal interpretations of the Wabi Sabi approach to:  Freedom, Tranquility, Asymmetry, Natural, Weathered and how they harmonize together making art a wonderful relaxing experience.








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35 thoughts on “Beautiful Findings – Zen VI

    1. hi Rita! Thank you for stopping and reading! I liked your comment, it is a very timely one. We see people rushing with the iphone/ipad everywhere; not able to really See. I feel for them, they are missing out.

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      1. hi debi – I am loving, simply loving your posts on Zen and the different aspects of it – especially the Wabi Sabi and Yugen. I take many photos of just little corners outside – perhaps a dried up leaf along with a spider’s web that has been broken up, a piece of stone or brick, etc. Twigs too perhaps. I see beauty there, as it seems you do also. I also write Haiku, and find that the discipline of choosing the words to be similar to choosing what few colors I want to paint with – a minimalist approach that I hope maximizes what is heard or seen. I don’t quite understand those who say that an artist should put a title on each piece, for if the artist doesn’t know what it is, how is the viewer supposed to know? I feel just about the opposite, and if named at all, I name mine with words like Study in Blue, or Composition #12. I enjoy allowing the viewer to find any beauty, or meaning in the work, instead of me TELLING them.

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      2. I understand you not wanting to TELL them!
        I have discovered though…. many, many people – are more comfortable, being Told What to think about a subject, than taking the time to figure it out; as they are just Too busy. Its “easier if you just tell me” is what I hear.
        This was a challenging concept for me. as I do not like being told what to think, or do, or how to do it. I’d thought everyone, was like that. silly!


  1. Beautiful post Debi….in this world it is difficult to be sensitive to the subtleties that you have to look for throughout the day or moment. 😀 I think I will go back and review all seven days once you are finished. Will you have another theme soon? I have enjoyed it so much. Also I am curious about what has drawn you to the wabi-sabi outlook?

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    1. thank you so much Margaret! Much Appreciated 🙂
      great questions too!
      1. I’m not too sure about doing any more Series themes….the popularity of it wasn’t great, compared to my regular posts. I would Like to. But, maybe 3 x a year. and not 7 in a series.
      2. the calming, relaxing feel of nature in its Essence. the spirit. To try to say more with Less. To try to soothe and relax in a Very very Busy World.
      these were wonderful questions!! thanks! Debi

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  2. Thank you for this series Debi, so very much!!.. ” Dim, deep, mysterious” … Evoke- alluded to- implied, suggested : YUGEN . The Arts take us to a place of being that is sometimes unseen, mostly unheard, or even touched upon, but still, we seek that Special Place!!.. ❤️ … ( I revisit your page to reflect and LEARN) .. Joanne

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    1. how wonderful Joanne!!! Thanks!! very happy you are liking this 🙂 makes it totally worth it ! the last one in the series will be simplicity. so am working on it now and hoping to make it super duper. lol Cheers, Debi

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      1. I had my bike repaired today and now it runs without a hitch. I even cleaned it today! The weekend is supposed to become warm and very sunny. Ahhhh:)

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    1. thank you Sharon, I see you are an early bird too! & nature stroller.
      Plus I saw I’m not the only one tucked in by 9:30pm ! whew…. glad of that 🙂

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    1. thank you for your lovely comment!!
      I’m really happy that you are enjoying the website and finding the posts useful!!! cheers, Debi


  3. OH, Debi! I am so moved by your post. YUGEN is most closely associated with my work, I believe. The oil painting by Clarice Beckett moved me to tears and the violin quote is quite haunting and just magical. Your work, my friend, is so of Heart, and every time I am able to come here you inspire me greatly. Your work on this post had me just staring and drifting …. So soft and so powerful. You are so Gifted and I think what I adore about you is how you wish to seek ever deeper. That I relate to so well. Have a wonderful weekend!!! ❤

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    1. Amy!! smiling……….. thank YOU!!!
      thank you for mentioning the violin quote. I wondered if any one, else, could feel those emotions in that deepness.
      Your comment, got me considering that yes, there is power in those soft edges… in their own way. hmm.
      have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend Amy. And Fun!!

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      1. So far my weekend has been too busy, Debi. Hopefully tomorrow things will be different. I’m so glad I was able to get you to see your work from a different perspective. That’s exciting whenever that happens. 🙂 ❤


  4. I too love those very early quiet times – and often find them very late too 🙂 Time at the very beginning or very end of the day when it’s just me… My favorite thing you said here today I aspire to gain the skills in this to create beauty for others to find rather than my having to spell it out. Oh you do, Debi. You so do! and you are so wonderful to share! Thank you

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    1. thank you Jodi, I am so glad that you enjoyed this and found meaning in it!! there is no time of the day for me, quite like the magic of predawn Tranquility. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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