Watercolor Contemplations

easy beginners watercolor tree, contemplation zen, burnt sienna PBr7, debiriley.com

Watercolor landscapes to stir the imagination, relax and zen.

Wonderfully colored skies, delicate shrouded marshlands.

And the tree that stands as a lone sentinel, lead my mind into delightful contemplative relaxation.

Watercolor Landscapes …..   Watercolor contemplations. 


watercolour technique, painting workshop,sunrise debiriley.com
Sunrise, (c)  copyright 2016 debiriley.com




easy beginners watercolor tree, contemplation zen, debiriley.com
Burnt Sienna landscape, (c) copyright 2016 debiriley.com







The Tree – Burnt Sienna monochrome

watercolor tree contemplation zen, debiriley.com
Watercolor  (c) debiriley.com


The Sentinel in Contemplation


This last image of the Lone Tree Sentinel was created on Arches rough 100% cotton paper for the type of surface texture and finish I was looking for.   It also gives the color intensity and saturation that I personally,  really love.


This was a monochrome painting, created solely using Burnt Sienna PBr7 Daniel Smith brand.

I’ve done quite a bit of research testing and color mixing of 100’s of watercolor brands over the years and know what most of their assets and liabilities are.  Certain brands have some Fantastic colors and yet have some others that just don’t provide much….. ‘help.’

In other words, not just any burnt sienna will provide this rich, earthy deep color and tone.



Daniel Smith Watercolors

I’ve been using and recommending  Daniel Smith watercolors for over 25 years now;  so I’m fairly certain when I use DS  Burnt Sienna it will be PBr7 –

However,  I still,  read the labels!



The above Tree Sentinel painting in Daniel Smith Burnt Sienna was done some time ago. However, it remains, one of my personal favorites. I love the tree and the mood it evokes.





These watercolor paintings  gave me what I was looking for.

A peaceful, relaxing outing…….zen contemplations in watercolors.




For more  Serenity  and   ZEN –

Zen II  UnBounded!   

Zen IV  Natural ..Beauty

Zen  Simply, Zen   



Delicate and Soft,    watercolor suited this subject right to a perfect T!



watercolor tree bark, simple tree painting, debi riley
Nuances of Grey, Soft Tree Painting, (c)debiriley.com




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38 thoughts on “Watercolor Contemplations

    1. thanks! yes, they are much less ‘vague’ and more representational and easier to See what is going on.
      The color full sky is more of a dreamscape, wandering and contemplating approach.
      It is so fun to hear everyone’s thoughts and favorites on these!!

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  1. Oh Debi…. Here I go swooning again – but I love each one as much or more than the other here. All three painting ROCK the HOUSE! I wish I could think of more words to describe how much I LOVE your art…….

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    1. oh my! now we Rockin d’House!! hey Jodi, love your jubilant comments – they make me Happy! 🙂
      Thank you so much, your words are appreciated dearly. Debi

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  2. Oh Debi! Words fail my friend. That tree is incredible. I’m gonna check my Graham paint now and see if mine is the same pigment. Wow work right here (not that that’s news!) I recently talked to a product specialist (aka artist) at Blick. Told him I was interested in trying different brands textures and weights of WC paper but wasn’t sure which ones to order. So he put together samples for me of all the major brands! Now I have small pieces of each to try before buying! Wasn’t that so dear? I just need time to try them out lol. Wow, you’ve really got me hankering for the watercolors with these stunners, Debi!!!

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    1. good morning LL and thank YOU! kind of a FYI alot of burnt sienna are synthetic iron oxides now and Few are PBr7.
      hey, lucky blessed YOU! you get all these samples for free?…. awesome! let me know which ones you get. And what they look like, feel like, etc.
      “inquiring minds” want to know!
      fine…. I am just nosy. 🙂 3d

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      1. I will let you know! They ship internationally, don’t they? Graham burnt sienna is PBr7, I checked because I have that color. It’s a great color and your painting really inspires me to paint. I may do a 30-day painting challenge soonish when work eases a bit.

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  3. The word that best describes how I feel after viewing your watercolor painting is “thrilled”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and extroidnary art Debi. They bring happiness!

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