A patina of grace.   An eloquence that only time can give.   This elegance that aging bestows upon a thing somehow transcends the modern notions of youthful, ‘perfect’  Beauty.

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Sand blasted Patina


As I continue on with Segment 3 of the 7 part Zen Series,  the chosen Wabi Sabi element is “Koko.”      The prior posts on Tranquility Zen I  and FreeUnbounded Zen II can be reviewed, if you’d like  more continuity in the read.


This Wabi Sabi principle holds that things that are weathered, austere, time worn and down to the bare bones of their essence contain beauty for us to find.


patina of paint, zen wall, wabi sabi, debiriley.com
Paint Worn Patina


It could be old leather splitting, or boulders time worn and glassy smooth, an elder woman’s lined and wrinkled hands,  or perhaps the small cyprus sandblasted through centuries of storms……… wherever we look, we can see this element of Wabi Sabi – koko.


Beauty is not just in youth, in the perfection of the newest and the trendiest;  it lies within the Bones of Time.      


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Aged Copper and Leather


Bones of Time


‘Bones of Time’  photograph was taken in Esperance, Western Australia.

I feel this photo  best describes my interpretation of the Wabi Sabi element of “Koko”  weathered, austere, yet venerable.

Bones of Time, zen, wabi sabi, debiriley.com
Bones of Time