Seasons Spring and Autumn

magenta spring tulip, photo,

Spring bursts forth and we all feel like dancing! Dreariness be gone!

Flowers color up the landscape like the Christmas lights that brightened our homes those dark days of December.

Spring season, photo,
Spring Time


And, a stunning bold magenta tulip, with petals curling and curving in coy shyness.


magenta spring tulip, photo,
Magenta Spring


South. In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia,   Autumn comes knocking on the door.


What a sigh of relief we give (I give)  for the blessed respite from daily blisterings.

Each morning its under 80 degrees, I smile.


autumn comes, seasons, photo,
Autumn Knocks


Autumn,  a Change of Seasons.

Is here at long last!



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27 thoughts on “Seasons Spring and Autumn

    1. back in the Pac NW, the best ‘usable’ time was Summer, it wasn’t a hot summer by any stretch! but, now – yes, my vote is Autumn. It means I get from April to October, of pleasant.

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      1. I had a hard time to relate to wishing for cooler air as we’ve had altogether too much of it this winter. I’m ready for spring. But if I lived where you do, I’m sure I’d feel the way you do too.

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      2. you might not! your body could be quite happy with 90 – 110 degree days… older folk & those with chronic disorders seem to have more difficulties is all.

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    1. hi Eva, thank you. I did have a play with Autumn on the photo processing. I count days til Autumn whilst we are in Summer. I’ll get lots more Walks in now!!

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      1. I do! but, am a bit shy about “Master” loving the debi zen!! wonder if there’s a level below Master… mister. sensei.. might have to look! I don’t think Mistress of Zen, is going to cut it, EVA!!!! NO!

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